Brity Cognitive

Machine learning based AI Cognitive Service

AI Cognitive Service for Business Innovation

Brity Cognitive Service is where the AI recognizes the data on its own and makes decisions for users with/without machine leaning knowledge. To easily and conveniently apply to users' applications, we offer the REST API invoking service as well.

Key Services

  • Leverage AI in order to make better use of text, image and voice-related data




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Services for Users
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Brity Cognitive Service
Cognitive Service - leveraged solutions: Consultation Analysis, Detecting Customer Complaints, Understanding text...
Machine Learning Models: Extraction, Recommendation, Classification, Processing...
Machine Learning Models: Pre-trained Model, User Training Model, 3rd Party Model...
Brity Cognitive Service

Brity Cognitive Service understands the data that users input – texts, images, and voices – and makes decisions on its own.
When automating work tasks, its productivity will improve further by applying the AI technology.

AI Text Analysis - Text Understanding

We provide 17 types of API that users can utilize without machine learning knowledge, including classification, extraction, recommendation, and summarization

  • Classification

    Providing intent classification to understand intention in text through analysis and emotion classification to classify different sentiment in the text

  • Recommendation

    Recommending keywords, relative words, and hashtags by analyzing texts and detecting key words

  • Extraction

    Offering various extracting functions; recognizing entities such as person, location, organization and date, MRC(Machine Reading Comprehension) which finds answers in text, and key words extraction

Use Cases

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