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First Korean business to be recognized in Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM RPA for
4 consecutive years

This Magic Quadrant evaluates 16 enterprise RPA vendors to help application leaders make the best choice for their enterprise’s task automation needs.
Gartner defines robotic process automation (RPA) as the software to automate tasks within business and IT processes via software scripts that emulate human interaction with the application user interface.
Vendors are recognized for their ability to execute and completeness of vision.

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Why you should be using Brity RPA

Brity ERP is all you need from fast and easy building of work automation to management!

  • From application for office to ERP,
    automation is easy
    Users can easily design automation processes using intuitive GUI-based drag-and-drop designers. First-time users can also start automation quick and easy for not only desktop programs such as Windows, Web, MS Excel, but also key business systems such as ERP with the predefined activities offered.
    Recording function that automatically generate automation processes by recording work performing screens, and process sharing/reuse functions can shorten development time, contributing to the improvement of automation productivity and quality.
  • Reliable control and operation management
    on large scale work automation whenever, wherever
    Orchestrator provides a web-based integrated management environment that allows companies to reliably schedule, monitor, and control multiple bots operated.
    In addition, you can promptly control and manage the execution process for each bot anywhere you are using mobile app.
    Multi-tenant policies for large-scale automation environments enable independent operation management by department, and provide a strong security mode to prevent performance screens from leaking or control the managing authority of bot PCs.
  • Brity works fast and accurately, 30 times faster than manual work
    Data queue for split execution of large data and headless bot performing automation without program screen facilitate process parallel run 30 times faster than manual work, thus enhancing availability of bot.
    In addition, work simultaneously with users without errors by executing headless bot.

Reliable digital assistant that upgrades your work capabilities

Check out various stories of Brity RPA

Robotic Process Automation refers to automation of ‘office work’ not with physical robots or machinery, but with ‘software’.


With Brity RPA, you can record and replay repetitive tasks.
You can record frequently performed tasks through Brity RPA without additional coding using Designer. Every step you take is automatically recorded and can be inserted into developed process. The process can be re-executed automatically by Bot

You can record and run events.
You can record various events that occur when performing tasks, such as clicking a button/link or entering a text box. In addition, various GUI programming tools are provided to modify or transform the recorded event.

The developed task can be deployed and utilized on the server.
After composing repetitive tasks, you can register them on the server. After logging into the server, the user can register the task on the server, and set the task to be executed automatically when a specific event occurs or a specific time comes

You can install the bot on any PC you want and do the task.
Bot plays the role of performing the developed task on the installed PC. Bots can be installed on multiple PCs to perform many tasks at the same time. The task distributed to the server is delivered to the designated bot when a specific time or a specific event occurs.


Brity RPA is a readily available digital assistant that can help you automate your work with no need for expertise in development

  1. 01

    Create automation bot quick and easy with easy-to-use recording function

  2. 02

    Manage workflow for collaborative work between man and bot

  3. 03

    Drag and drop without coding to design process

  4. 04

    Operate intelligent bot with headless process

Brity RPA is the optimal solution to realize digital worker recognized by credible organizations

First Korean business to
be recognized in Garner

Winner of Korea SW
Quality Awards

GS(Good Software)
Class 1 certified


Client base of Brity RPA spans many industries

We saved 120,000 hours in total by introducing Brity RPA in each area of design, purchase, production, and support of heavy industry.

With the real-time COVID-19 examination system using Brity RPA and Assistant, Samsung SDS secures the health and safety of our 23,000 employees.

We expect to save more than 2,000 hours yearly by automating simple and repetitive work process that had been manually conducted.

Automation of financial process such as subcontractor payment bond management and tax invoice consolidation saved 23,000 hours in a year.

By automating repetitive tasks and routine monitoring and reporting processes in all areas including manufacturing, development, sales, and quality assurance, we save 240,000 hours yearly and improved the efficiency of HR resources.

Customer’s Choice

Brity RPA will answer your questions on adopting RPA

  • You must look at the entire process, considering previous and following work. Brity RPA provides automation target task recommendation and automatic scenario creation functions to identify the entire task through business log analysis and quickly discover tasks subject to automation.

  • Effective use of bot should optimize work process to produce result that goes beyond improvement. Brity RPA can have one bot perform two tasks simultaneously or facilitate distributed processing by multiple bots to perform multiple number of tasks at the same time in fast and accurate manner.

  • We offer continued operation/management plans which are as important as the introduction/application of RPA.
    Web/mobile based orchestrator allows administrator to schedule, monitor, remotely control the bot using his/her mobile/PC gadgets whenever, wherever.
    You can also check status in real time and make immediate orders to chatbot even in large scale work automation environment.

  • Integrated expansion with various AI technology including those developed by SDS is possible.
    Brity RPA can smoothly integrate with various AI technology such as AICR, OCR, M/L, Analytics to enable integration with chatbot for user interaction, and recognition of unstructured data or documents, thus expanding the scope of automation.

  • We will find automation plan for exceptional conditions.
    Brity RPA safely protects key business information needed for automation with strict security policy that includes verification, encryption and electronic signature. The process need not be stopped as administrators can adjust schedule via chatbot.

  • We offer a variety of content for easy use of the solution.
    Brity RPA offers various information from how to use to most frequently used functions to help users get acquainted easily.


Recommended specifications
  • Designer

    - CPU : Intel i7 (3.5GHz or more)
    - Memory : 8GB
    - HDD : 200GB
    - OS: Windows 10 64bit or higher
    - Browser : IE11 or higher, Chrome 41 or higher
    - .NET Framework 4.5 or higher

  • Bot

    - CPU : Intel i5 (3.5GHz or more)
    - Memory : 8GB
    - HDD : 200GB
    - OS: Windows 10 64bit or higher
    - Browser : IE11 or higher, Chrome 41 or higher
    - .NET Framework 4.5 or higher

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