Brightics Data Preparation

Data management platform - The evolution of enterprise business transformation

Gather data from multiple points, and manage it intuitively

Brightics Data Preparation is the platform that collects and pre-processes various corporate data while managing the data lake. By providing various data collection environment, it provides effective data operation management services.

Major Services

Gather scattered data with speed, and process it with ease

  • 16 more templates for field practitioners
  • Process 200k distributed, real-time data per second (at each node)



Analyst Reports

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Use Cases


    • Support the environment of collecting various data in large volume

      It is possible to collect/implement/manage data in fast and convenient manner on various source systems and provide functions to automatically convert semi-structured log data as structured ones through the cognitive technology for data area and pattern recommendation technology.

    • Intuitive and automated data preparation

      To efficiently search for big data, the meta-information of the dataset can be automatically extracted and tagged. Through Filtered Histogram, it is possible to easily and quickly implement data merge, processing and conversion.

    • Effective data operation management

      It is possible to effectively operate and manage data by providing the data access control schemes by data worker and department that utilize the data and visualizing data in a way to figure out the work monitoring through dashboard.


    Recommended specifications
    • Deep learning analytics platform

      x86 server with 3 or more nodes
      -CPU: 16 cores/Node
      -Memory: 64GB/Node
      -Operating system: CentOS, RHEL 7.x

    • PC for platform users

      - Browser : Chrome (Version 50.0 or higher)
      - Screen resolution: 1280 x 900 (recommended)

    • Appropriate cloud environments

      SDS Cloud, Amazon Web Service, MS Azure, Google Cloud, etc.


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