A Business Platform That Shares Enterprise Data Efficiently and Enables Integrated Management

FabriX is a business platform that achieves efficient and integrated management of enterprise assets of individuals/projects such as data, software and application, allowing users to access assets intuitively and quickly and utilize it for work. This enables enterprises to efficiently share data assets and easily connect all business systems with a variety of generative AIs to accelerate hyperautomation.




Service Architecture

User - Executives, Biz User, Data Admin, Developer, Admin ...
(Self-service) → Produce → Fabrix, ← Consume ← Fabrix LLM - Fabrix - SaaS/Legacy Samsung Cloud Platform
OpenAI, LLaMA, Microsoft, Meta, HyperCLOVA
DT Enabling Service, Data, Dev. ...
Core Service (Internal Marketplace)
SAP, salesforce, workday, o9

Key Features

  • Core service

    - Provide a single entry point with various integrated services through integrated authentication (SSO)
    - Manage catalogs and projects selected via integrated search in a personalized environment
    - Manage catalog life cycle as a self-service (Registration, deletion, sharing, etc)
    - Integrate with various services and tools required for digital transformation
    - Use catalog to support knowledge acquisition, business processing, and data analysis through LLM-based chat

  • Data service

    - Automate data extraction/conversion/transfer from various sources
    - Data pre-processing based on visualization (Excel-like)
    - Integrated service for the entire data analysis process (End-to-end)
    - Create workflow for data processing job and automate job execution

  • Dev. service

    - Support and establish governance for development project, automate configuration of development/operations environment
    - Provide application of custom LLM app to business system
    - Provide visual development tool for advanced developer


    • Billing
    • Charged by the number of users using a named-user approach (Tenant-based annual contract)
    • Charged additionally for any usage above the purchased license
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