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Nexledger's standard service API allows you to focus on creating business value without worrying about choosing decentralized consensus technologies for various blockchain. Not only can customers configure their own blockchain network, but they can also quickly utilize the blockchain features they want through a BaaS(Blockchain-as-a-Service) subscription.

Major Services

Efficient development is possible by providing various blockchain cores as APIs

  • Customers to use blockchain platform 217 or more
  • Blockchain technology used for PoC Global Top 7 (Gartner, 2019)
  • Global top 50 companies in blockchain Selected 3 years in a row (Forbes, 2019-2021)





  • Scalability

    Nexledger Universal supports real-time configurations such as load balancing and horizontal scaling. It is a highly flexible platform securing its performance even after when new nodes are added.

  • Performance

    Nexledger Accelerator is Samsung SDS’s proprietary technology that speeds up blockchain transaction throughput. Accelerates throughput up to 15 times via batch processing & insertion between the blockchain platform and client.(*compared to Hyperledger Fabric)

  • Interoperability

    Expediter, a Nexledger Universal’s specialized technology, supports interoperability between Heterogeneous blockchain. you may sent same transaction to multiple/heterogeneous blockchain.

  • Security

    Apply access control for nodes, compliance with encryption standards, and network point-to-point encryption for complete data security. In additional, you may build a flexible and secure data sharing system by on/off-chain two-way processing technology.

Platform Architecture

Nexledger Universal Platform Architecture

* Click each component for more information.

Nexledger Service - Paperless Service Nexledger Platform
  • Universal API
    Nexledger Service Template - Digital Stamping, Point, Digital Identity, Anchoring, History, Tracking, Certi-ficate, FIDO, SSO, e-Contract, Authenti-cation
    DID Resolver
  • Enterprise Specific Modules - Accelerator, Expediter, Off-Chain
  • Enterprise Admin. & Monitoring
  • Security
  • Blockchain Core - Nexledger N(Nexledger Consensus Algorithm), Nexledger H(Hyperledger Fabric), Nexledger E(Ethereum)
  • Cloud Infrastructure
Paperless Service

Provide simple and safe document contract and storage service through blockchain.

  • Convenient Standard API : Reduce direct development scope through API linkage to save manpower/time/cost and eliminate direct operation/management of blockchain platforms.
  • High Security : Data encryption for customer information protection, channel separation configuration, independent network separation to prevent mutual interference and isolate data.

* New BaaS services are continuously being added.

Token Service

We provide a service to register tangible and intangible real asset information as digital assets on the blockchain and trade rights to them.

  • You can manage tokens by type.
    Payment Token
    NFT (Non Fungible Token)
  • Convenient standard API: Save time and money without having to operate or manage the platform directly.
  • High security: High security is ensured by data encryption for customer information protection, channel isolation configuration, independent network isolation, etc.
  • Efficient Token Management: Templated token attributes can be quickly and easily applied to different business environments, providing management capabilities across the Token Life Cycle of Creation-Manufacturing-Generation-Return-Disposal-Delete.
Universal API

The most frequently used blockchain functions ready-for-use in standard API format.

  • Allows quick and easy blockchain deployment via Nexledger service APIs.
  • New API services are continuously being added.
Nexledger Accelerator

Samsung SDS’s proprietary technology that speeds up blockchain transaction throughput.

  • Accelerates throughput up to 15 times via batch processing & insertion between the blockchain platform and client. (*compared to Hyperledger Fabric)
  • Integrates with your blockchain to improve performance.

Samsung SDS’s proprietary interoperable technology that can exchange information between multiple/different types of blockchains.

  • Provides interconnectivity between different ecosystems and platforms by country and industry.
  • Maintains data integrity by ensuring the order of processing of transactions transmitted to various blockchains.

Samsung SDS’s proprietary technology that process large volume/sensitive data.

  • Establish a flexible and safe data sharing system by transmitting/managing data larger than the block size and personal information that needs to be deleted after a certain period of time.
Enterprise Admin. & Monitoring

Powerful management monitoring of blockchain systems optimized for business environments.

  • Displays node, system resources and transaction status at a glance.
  • Queries detailed transaction history.
  • Enables quick anomaly detection and remediation via chain & node management.

By applying end-to-end security technologies, it protects information safely from service failures or cyber threats.

  • Apply access control for nodes and Differential sharing of data applied by DGE(Dynamic Grouping Encryption).
  • Compliance with PKI standard.
  • Enhance Security through double encryption of communication/block-data
Blockchain Core

Core blockchain technologies that you can selectively deploy based on your business needs.

  • Nexledger N: Uses Samsung SDS’s proprietary Nexledger Consensus Algorithm(NCA).
  • Nexledger H: Uses Crash Fault Tolerance(CFT) and powered by Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Nexledger E: Uses Proof of Authority(PoA) and powered by Ethereum.
Cloud Infrastructure

Easier Blockchain Network Configuration and business launch.

  • Tutorial: You may experience how the blockchain development process would work using Nexledger Universal.
  • Test-Net: You may experience our standardized blockchain API in a cloud infrastructure similar to our actual blockchain system. (90 days free trial in MyTrial)
  • Public cloud: You may take advantage of more functions of Nexledger Universal in public cloud marketplace. (AWS, MS Azure, OCI, etc.)
    * 6 months free trial license. (Public cloud infrastructure costs are incurred individually)

Nexledger Monitoring Dashboard

Nexledger Monitoring Dashboard

Service list

Meet the desired blockchain function through BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) subscription

  • emblem intelligent
    Paperless Service

    Blockchain-based original storage, authenticity verification subscription service

    What's a Paperless Service?
    Samsung SDS Paperless Service is a blockchain-powered, simple and safe e-document management system. Embracing blockchain technology, our service secures and manages various usiness documents with the other info. such as time and date when it was signed/modified and the authentication/processing info..
    Guarantee document integrity by providing timestamp and storage info.
    Secure document from tampering by storing the original document in blockchain
    Monitor storage and usage status in real-time
    Simple integration with existing legacy system via APIs

    Pricing plans
    Paperless services are available on a per-usage pricing, or monthly membership pricing.
    Pricing Plan Per-Usage (Write Transaction) Pricing Monthly Membership Pricing
    Description This pricing is a pay-as-you-go option. The total monthly transaction will be counted and charged for. If you are expecting low volume of transaction on a monthly basis, this pricing would be suitable This pricing is a monthly fee option. The membership fee covers up to 10,000 transactions per month, and if the total transaction exceeds 10,000, additional fee will be incurred.
    Fee Calculation # of Transaction * Rates

    Monthly Fee

    * (+ # of Transaction exceeding 10,000 TX * Rates)

    If the original documents are stored, data storage fee will be separately charged (MB/Year)
    ex) #TX*rate + data storage fee or Membership fee + data storage fee

Use Cases

    Case Studies

    Analyst Reports

    • Forrester cites Samsung SDS Nexledger’s business cases and consensus mechanism in the report, A Pragmatic Road Map for Blockchain

      A Pragmatic Road Map for Blockchain, 2019, Forrester

      Learn more



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    - This independently researched report presents how Blockchain builds distributed trust to enhance digital ecosystems, along with a technical architecture of Blockchain platforms.

    - Forrester included Samsung SDS Nexledger in a list of business cases to show how Blockchain adds value across industries worldwide.

    - In its report, Forrester notes: “Samsung SDS Nexledger not only has its own consensus mechanism, but it also supports Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric”

     A Pragmatic Road Map for Blockchain, 2019, Forrester, Learn More

    FIGURE 2 Business Cases Worldwide Are Proving The Value Of Blockchain Across Industries

    FIGURE 2 Business Cases Worldwide Are Proving The Value Of Blockchain Across Industries
    Vendor Customer Business Pattern Key business case scenario Business case overview
    Samsung SDS Korea Federation of Banks (banking) Effectiveness Business process transformation Interoperable blockchain authentication among 18 commercial banks in South Korea
    Maritime Logistics Consortium (logistics) Trust Visible business network
    • Track and share the cargo information (temperature, humidity, etc.) in real-time

    • Network participants include shipping firms, financial institutions, and government departments

    Samsung SDI (manufacturing) Trust Tamperproof asset attestation and protection Trustworthy electronic contract system

    FIGURE 4 The Performance And Implementation Of Consensus Mechanisms Vary

    FIGURE 2 Business Cases Worldwide Are Proving The Value Of Blockchain Across Industries
    Consensus/ordering mechanism Throughput Degree of decentralization Blockchain/DLT1) implementations Mechanism haracteristics
    Nexledger Consensus
    Algorithm (NCA)
    High Medium Samsung SDS
    (Nexledger Platform)
    Proprietary algorithm of
    Samsung SDS
    image zoom