Enterprise Blockchain Platform

We provide an enterprise blockchain platform optimized for corporate environments, offering various blockchain cores and standard APIs.

Wouldn’t it be challenging to adapt complex and diverse blockchain technology to your business?
Can blockchain handle large amount of transactions and data quickly enough to meet the business requirements?
Can blockchain truly ensure security in various business situations?

Build an enterprise-oriented blockchain platform with Samsung SDS Nexledger, which includes blockchain cores, standard APIs for integration, and network management and monitoring, optimized for your business needs.

You can easily and quickly adopt blockchain using our Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) subscription without the need for implementation of an infrastructure.


Nexledger, Transforming every business

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Major Services

    Enterprise Blockchain Technologies Accelerated technology, interoperability of heterogeneous blockchains, and processing of on/off-chain transaction
    Blockchain Monitoring Easy and fast network configuration and real-time management
    Blockchain Core Technologies Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and NCA proprietary consensus algorithm.
    Token Services Various types of asset management


The structure of Nexledger

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Layer Nexledger DevOps
Service Service APIs Developer Support Tools
Network & Protocol Blockchain Data Management
Interoperability Technology Consensus Algorithm
Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Container Service
* DevOps: Features that help improve the quality and speed of application development.
Service APIs

It provides commonly used blockchain functionalities pre-developed/integrated and offered in the form of standard APIs.

  • By combining service APIs, you can easily and quickly implement blockchain services.
  • Service APIs will be continuously added.

    • Digital Asset
    • Membership
    • Payment
    • Token Library
    • Paperless
    • Identify
    • Data Verification
    • Digital Wallet
Developer Support Tools

It provides development support tools.

  • Remix (Web IDE)
  • SDK
  • Online Tutorial
  • Test-Net
Blockchain Data Management

It provides functionalities for transaction processing, off-chain management, data distribution protocol, security, and reliable data management.

  • Transaction processing: Blockchain performance enhancement technology
  • Off-chain management: Handling of large-scale or sensitive data through off-chain processing
  • Data distribution protocol: IPFS(InterPlanetary File System)
  • Security: DGE(Dynamic Grouping Encryption)
Interoperability Technology

It allows the exchange of information between multiple/heterogeneous blockchains.

  • It provides interoperability between different ecosystems and platforms across countries and industries.
  • It ensures the integrity of data by guaranteeing the processing order of transactions transmitted to various blockchains.
Consensus Algorithm

It offers integrated provision of key blockchain core technologies, allowing for selective application based on enterprise needs.

  • Nexledger N
    Application of Samsung SDS' proprietary consensus algorithm NCA (Nexledger Consensus Algorithm)
  • Nexledger H
    Application of the Crash Fault Tolerance (CFT) consensus algorithm with a blockchain core based on Hyperledger Fabric
  • Nexledger E
    Application of the Proof of Authority (PoA) algorithm with a blockchain core based on Ethereum.

It provides robust blockchain system management and monitoring capabilities tailored to the enterprise environment.

  • You can easily monitor node status, system resource utilization, transaction status, and more through the dashboard.
  • You can perform detailed transaction inquiries.
  • Through chain/node management functionalities, you can promptly identify and address any abnormal situations.

With a convenient blockchain network configuration, it enables swift business launches.

  • AWS, SCP, SDS Cloud
Container Service

It supports tools for container operation automation and container orchestration.

  • Kubernetes

If you want to know more, please consult with an expert directly.

Case Studies

Bank B

They have adopted a loan platform that simplifies the customer's loan process and the institution's complex verification procedures, while improving the accuracy of transaction and service ledgers.

Global Manufacturing Company S

Global manufacturing company S has enhanced the trustworthiness of transactions and mitigated the risk of tampering with contracts and contract history by establishing a global e-contract system based on the enterprise blockchain platform Nexledger.

Card Company S

They have incorporated the functionality of verifying the authenticity of e-documents through Nexledger, ensuring operational stability and saving an annual cost of 290million KRW in utilizing external authorized electronic document centers.


Through blockchain-based warranty management for automobiles, we can transparently manage the history of all components from production to after-sales service, thereby enhancing trust in the company.

Use Cases

Explore Use Cases of Blockchain Technology Applied in Digital Identity and Digital Payment Services.

Digital Identity
Through blockchain, it is possible to securely share customer authentication information between authorized companies/institutions, enabling the establishment of a self-authentication system. Additionally, leveraging interconnected customer information, it is possible to enhance customer benefits

Digital Payment
By leveraging the inherent value transfer functionality of blockchain, it is possible to reduce transaction costs and improve efficiency in the payment process. It also facilitates the enhancement and expansion of the digital point-based payment ecosystem.

Digital Timestamp
By incorporating the generation of electronic document timestamp information into blockchain, it is possible to reduce operational costs and eliminate service disruption risks.

Through blockchain-based e-contract management, it is possible to reduce costs and time associated with the contract process, while enhancing security through prevention of document tampering.

Logistics Tracking
Through blockchain, it is possible to transparently and real-time share contract information/logistics data among transaction participants, enabling the streamlining of complex manual tasks in trade processes.

Awards & Recognition

SAMSUNG SDS, Acknowledged by Global Experts

- This independently researched report presents how Blockchain builds distributed trust to enhance digital ecosystems, along with a technical architecture of Blockchain platforms.

- Forrester included Samsung SDS Nexledger in a list of business cases to show how Blockchain adds value across industries worldwide.

- In its report, Forrester notes: “Samsung SDS Nexledger not only has its own consensus mechanism, but it also supports Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric”


  • A. Nexledger integrates widely used blockchain technology in the market with Samsung SDS's proprietary consensus algorithm, NCA (Nexledger Consensus Algorithm), and provides various blockchain cores (Nexledger N/H/E). Companies can select blockchain technology that suits their needs to build optimal systems, and they can easily and flexibly change the blockchain core when necessary

    Nexledger N
    1) Consensus algorithm: NCA(Nexledger Consensus Algorithm)
    2) Key features:
    - Samsung SDS's proprietary consensus algorithm that combines strengths of various blockchain open sources
    - It offers high scalability and is efficient for value transaction systems such as point payments.

    Nexledger H
    1) Consensus algorithm: CFT(Crash Fault Tolerance)
    2) Key Features:
    - Blockchain core technology based on Hyperledger Fabric.
    - Well-suited for implementing pre-defined business logic among participants.

    Nexledger E
    1) Consensus algorithm: PoA (Proof of Authority)
    2) Key Features:
    - Blockchain core technology based on Ethereum.
    - Well-suited for implementing services with extensive application of smart contracts.

  • A. No GAS fees are required.

  • A. When developing blockchain-based business services, various capabilities are required. There is a Blockchain Value Assessment (BVA) area that provides consulting on applying blockchain to customer business processes. Based on this assessment, development utilizing Smart Contracts, APIs, and SDKs is necessary for service development. In the case of platform adoption, understanding infrastructure operations and the operating environment associated with platform management is also required.

  • A. Nexledger is provided as a platform (license) and in the form of BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service). Nexledger BaaS is a private blockchain mainnet based on Hyperledger Fabric/Besu, allowing immediate service usage by leveraging the blockchain mainnet operated by our company. Additionally, it can be configured as a dedicated environment for individual customers to operate independently.

  • A. We can collaborate with various partner companies to configure application development and other aspects according to customer needs.

  • A. In our technology roadmap, we have plans for the Web3 interface, which will allow us to leverage it in various domains in the future.

  • A. NFTs generated using the Nexledger NFT token API can be transferred to other blockchains or NFT marketplaces through token bridges.

  • A. Nexledger BaaS offers various billing systems. By choosing the billing option that suits your business needs, you can minimize cost burdens.

  • A. Nexledger is offered both as a platform (license) and in BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) form. Nexledger BaaS is a private blockchain mainnet based on Hyperledger Fabric/Besu, allowing users to immediately utilize the blockchain mainnet operated by our company. Additionally, it can be deployed in a dedicated manner, enabling customers to operate it independently.

  • A. There are a total of 7 nodes operational in Nexledger BaaS, with 4 nodes for the Paperless service and 3 nodes for the Token service.

  • A. We do not provide wallets based on MetaMask or Kaikas. Instead, we offer a Wallet API to assist customers in developing their own solutions using the API. Additionally, it is possible to configure the system to utilize wallets provided by partner companies for service development.

  • A. The tutorial is a separate instructional site designed to enhance understanding when using the testnet. Therefore, the URLs used in the tutorial and the testnet are different. Each HTTP request made in the tutorial is sent to a tutorial-specific WAS (Web Application Server), not to the testnet.

  • A. For platform adoption, we provide basic education on platform installation and operation.
    For services, we offer API guides. You can find user manuals, guides, and API specifications at

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