Brity Automation

Transform the way you work with AI-powered business automation technology.

Utilize our AI-based automation suite to innovate work from repetitive tasks to complex business processes.

Completion of enterprise automation AI workflow automation solution

Brity BPA

Utilizing AI technology via Brity BPA enables end-to-end business process integration for automation.

  • Utilize process and template design tools for Quick and easy business automation implementation
  • Thorugh integrated management of business processes Ensure business visibility, stable control, and operations
  • Thorugh AI technology's cognition, analysis, and decision-making Achieve simplified implementation of complex business process automation
Drive innovation through task automation Robotic process automation solution

Brity RPA

With Brity RPA, anyone can easily utilize various AI technologies for complex and intelligent task automation

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  • Without development expertise, Achieve business automation effortlessly
  • By offering unified management on web and mobile Ensure stable control and operations even for large-scale automation
  • With extensive automation libraries and optimal technology, Enhance support for swift and precise task execution
Drive innovation through automation of cognitive abilities Cognitive AI solution for business processs automation

Brity Cognitive

Experience optimal decision-making and swift task processing with AI-driven workflow automation!

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Brity RPA, Brity BPA, Legacy Unstructured legacy data (VoC, receipt, invoice, email body, etc.) Brity Cognitive
Utilizing AI models
Text analysis model, document information extraction model, custom learning model
Building and managing custom learning model
AI model building tool - modeling, training, evaluation, deployment, professional AI model building service
  • Instantly accessible pre-trained models and seamless integration with Brity RPA/BPA Enable easy utilization of AI models
  • Low-code based AI model building tools and AI technical support Enable the rapid construction of customized user learning models
  • Through AI model evaluation and retraining Continuous AI model performance maintenance achievable
Digital innovation through conversation AI chatbot builder for businesses

Brity Assistant

Experience digital innovation where tasks are effortlessly completed through conversation alone

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  • Through NLU evaluation/analysis Over 95% natural language understanding achievable
  • Based on question-answering technology, with recommended sentence learning functionality Minimize design costs when building an information-providing chatbot
  • Across various work systems based on RPA Automate E2E business processes

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