Nexplant SLM

E2E Simulation Lifecycle Management Solution designed and driven by Data

Automate CAE based on AI and Cloud for world-class product performance and quality

Move quickly to market demands by applying BDA, AI and other ICT platforms. Integrate complex product design and verification that were disconnected by using different point tools and overcome the productivity of engineers' handwork. Now, it's time to automate and optimize CAE (design/verification/interpretation) by data driven design.


Automate CAE execution by utilizing large amount of semiconductor data

  • One & only around the globe Web-based GDS Collaboration Platform *GDS: Standard file format for semiconducctor layout
  • Optimized layout viewer for semiconductor 9 times faster speed *GDS Move Rendering speed compared to that of the generally used tools
  • Support public cloud services Registered on MS Azure Marketplace




  • Real-time check for design-verification progress with automatic log collection

    Apply CAE Log Scanner and Parser in a tool based. Configure a meaningful verification DB from the large-volume and asynchronous logs. Dashboard shows a real-time progress of design-verification founded on the configured verification DB.

  • Streaming-based GDS visualization

    GDS(Graphic Data System) DB and web architecture support a simultaneous visualization for multiple users, not an individual loading of massive data. Integrate with master data, measurement-request info and other data easily.

  • Integrated workplace from engineer design to verification

    Integrate the environment where complicated settings and execution of hundreds of CAE tools, HPC infra and CAE resources licensing and other high-priced CAE resource management, manual collection and analytics of data verification are scattered individually. Integrate such environment into a GUI-based one holistically for design-verification.

  • Scalable open source architecture

    Support the optimal performance and stability with the latest framework-centered architecture, easily scalable open source architecture ranging from a single project up to large-scale development offices.

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