Global electronics manufacturer

Data-Driven Global Market Forecasting with Brightics AI

"Applying a market prediction model based on Brightics AI has enabled strategic sales / marketing actions through market opportunities and risk forecasts in the near future."

Global electronics manufacturer

A Global electronics manufacturers have been having trouble predicting market size changes and short-term market share due to rapid environmental changes.

The impact of pandemics, conflicts between countries, and intensifying competition between manufacturers have caused unexpected changes in past experiences, and the credibility of the agency's market forecasts and experience-based forecasts has declined.

Apart from the existing methodology, it has become very important to build an AI-based objective market prediction process by constructing a flexible resource usage structure, which is a feature of Public Cloud, and a single analysis platform utilizing the latest AI algorithm.


A Global electronics manufacturer has built a model development and analysis platform using Brightics AI in the Public Cloud to use AI models for market prediction and sales strategy.

▶ Development of Market Forecasting Model
- Apply ML (Machine Learning) / AI (Artificial Intelligence) Prediction Framework
- Early improvement of prediction reliability through our own prediction methodology and data scientist collaboration

▶ Configure an integrated analytics platform on AWS Public Cloud
- Use the resilient resource structure of AWS public cloud and the latest neural network algorithm
- Stable cloud environment setting and operation through professional technical personnel support

▶ ML/AI engineer support and stable operation
- Analysis Platform Stabilize early operation with expert personnel and pilot-service operation
- Enables model continuity by configuring model operation processes and people


The development/operation of Brightics AI based prediction model has enabled automatic optimal selection of key variables and factors that affect the market and accurate prediction, and it has been possible to smoothly cooperate with each team Data Scientist and manage the shape of AI so that the prediction accuracy can be improved in a short period of time.

The Public Cloud of AWS was able to secure the necessary resources flexibly, and the prediction accuracy was improved quickly while applying the new AI algorithm , It is possible to make a reliable data-based sales / marketing action plan.



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