Cloud for Healthcare

Cloud for digital transformation of medical institutions

Cloud tailored to healthcare services

IT requirements for the healthcare sector are becoming increasingly complicated and diverse, as large-scale medical data analysis, research and protection are needed to establish high-tech intelligent hospitals. SDS Cloud for Healthcare offers cloud services optimized for healthcare data protection based on Samsung's robust security systems.

Major Services

  • Secure cloud environments for medical data with global information security management certificate
    (ISO/IEC 27799)




  • Healthcare data protection

    Relevant legislations and Samsung's security regulations, as well as top-level security control and intrusion detection system have been implemented.

  • Operation service specialized for healthcare

    Enjoy differentiated operation service for efficient IT systems on healthcare clouds, from integrated failure management to dedicated technical support and IT operational resource management, based on experience in IT operation of healthcare institutions.

  • Cloud consulting and implementation service

    Take advantage of the validated cloud migration methodology backed by the know-how on IT operation of Samsung Group. Cloud consulting and implementation services are provided, considering compatibility with existing workloads by analyzing the entire work system.

  • Linking with various healthcare solutions of SDS

    Utilize professional healthcare service of Samsung SDS, such as EHR and S-Patch Cardio, on the cloud in addition to basic cloud functions including infrastructure and data storage. SDS fully supports continuous service provision without an additional process for infrastructure transfers.




Use Cases


    • CSA STAR (Security Trust Assurance and Risk) Certification

      Global validation on cloud security and maturity

    • Information Security Management

      ISO/IEC 27001

    • Security Controls for Cloud Services

      ISO/IEC 27017

    • Protection of Personally Identifiable Information in Public Clouds

      ISO/IEC 27018

    • Information Security Management in Health

      ISO 27799

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