Cello Rapid

Cloud-based platform for industry-specific logistics

Fast and flexible! We adapt to different logistics environments

Cello Rapid adapts to different logistics environments by adding industry-specific features to Cello’s key functions.


  • Our tech-driven, fast architecture supports a range of different industries you're in



Major Services

    • International transport
    • Cello Rapid provides int’l transport services – air, sea, express, etc. – faster and more flexibly. Its intuitive portal makes it easier for customers to check their shipment status.
    • Distribution center operation
    • Different sectors have different needs in terms of distribution center operation. Whether you’re in manufacturing, retail or e-commerce, Cello Rapid meets the needs your sector has.
    • Local transport
    • Cello Rapid supports transportation between logistics hubs and last-mile delivery (LMD). Its flexible integration with distribution center systems ensures a close monitoring.
  • Customer Support
  • Samsung SDS Smart Logistics helps you grow your business.