Cloud Native Platform

Platform service to accelerate application development/operation (SDS PaaS)

Speedy development and deployment of applications on the cloud

Fast-paced business environments require swift and flexible processing of SW installations and configurations needed for app development. Cloud Native Platform supports easy and reliable application development and operation on the cloud based on Kubernetes container engine technology.

Major Services

Fast and convenient development/operation environments with Kubernetes-certified platforms

  • First in Korea to acquire KCSP* certifications *Kubernetes Certified Service Provider
  • Environments for development/operation 2 weeks → Instantly accessible




  • Open source-based relational database

    Samsung SDS cloud environments ensure secure usage of PostegreSQL, MySQL and other open source community version relational DBs, as well as EPAS with high compatibility of commercial RDBMS.

  • DevOps tools for smooth collaboration

    Integrated development environments are provided by using standard open source-based development tools. Developers can increase productivity with templates, automatically generated on DevOps Console and build/deploy pipelines.

  • Kubernetes container engine technology

    Samsung SDS offers platform service with high scalability and flexibility of resources based on Kubernetes. Deployment and scaling of containerized applications are also managed efficiently.

  • Cloud native middleware service

    Cloud native applications are available based on various middleware services suitable for flexible cloud computing environments that dynamically assign and remove resources.


Products and functions for your needs



Use Cases

SDS PaaS for higher development/operation productivity

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