Application Service

API management and user notifications

Simple and convenient management/monitoring of APIs and notifications

Manage and monitor APIs to control excessive inbound traffic and improve service reliability. REST API allows easy linking with applications, which makes it easier to implement e-mail, SMS or push notifications.


  • Convenient API Management

    Resources, methods, and parameters for API management can be defined in API Gateway, enabling effective API monitoring and traffic control. API version management functionality is offered for reliable API execution. Critical performance data of API requests can be monitored in real time through dashboard.

  • Reliable Traffic Processing

    API users may pre-register API usage plans for clients by setting the maximum number of calls for specific time period (minute/hour/day/week/ year). This processing limit for each user prevents excessive inbound traffic and contributes to reliable service.

  • Simple Notification Environments

    With web-based console, it becomes easier to implement e-mail, SMS or push notifications. API guidelines are provided for easier scheduled messaging, large group messaging, or blocking.


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