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Explore Samsung SDS’s Cloud Security Service, the one and only one in the country that combines expertise in both cloud and security.

Samsung SDS provides essential security solutions for complex Cloud environments.
As the largest and the longest-standing provider of Cloud and security services in Korea, Samsung SDS offers a secure Cloud environment through diverse cloud customization and automated security services.

Major Services

Provides the optimal cloud security service covering various cloud environments

  • Korea's biggest 200,000 VM+ monitoring Korea's fiirst launching (2015)
  • Korea's biggest Public cloud partnership (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Oracle, Bitfusion, Spotinst)
  • Korea's first AWS partner certificate AWS Security Competency Consulting Partner




Samsung SDS provides the essential security solutions required in complex cloud environments.

Awards & Recognition

Samsung SDS acknowledged by global experts

*IDC MarketScape : one of the key analysis reports published by global market research company IDC. The report categorizes vendors of respective fields into Leaders, Major Players, Contenders and Participants after comprehensively evaluating each company’s current products and services, business strategies for the next 3-5 years and customer segments.

Cloud security services Features

  1. Proven technology in cloud security
    Since starting cloud security monitoring for the first time in 2015, Samsung SDS has supported and maintained the largest number and scope of cloud in Korea and acquired AWS Security Competency certification issued by Amazon, the largest global cloud provider in 2018.
  2. Customized application for diverse cloud settings
    It supports cloud security for major IaaS including AWS, Azure and major SaaS including Office 365, SalesForce, Slack, Workday, moreover, additional CSP support is available to be optimized for clients’ environment.
  3. Automated security in line with cloud trends
    It provides security services for VM, the basics of IaaS as well as DevOps and CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) environments targeting Container and Serverless.
  4. Cloud specialists’ special security
    Samsung SDS is the Korea’s biggest MSP (Managed Service Provider) in public cloud and CSP (Cloud Service Provider) in building/operating cloud directly, with the most secured and optimum guidelines while presenting the ultimate efficiency and convenience.

Case Studies


The introduction of Samsung SDS’s Cloud security service, there is no additional work needed to respond to floating B2C clients’ traffic. Imperva’s detection/blocking rule set is reflected real time, which eases companies’ concerns of ‘zero-day attack’.

A variety of Cloud security services.

Use Cases

Cloud security monitoring
Security monitoring service is available considering the dynamic characteristics of cloud. Samsung SDS cloud security monitoring does not affect client’s cloud architectures and supports Auto-scaling to increase/decrease their monitoring scope depending on the use of cloud infra, thus making idle time into zero.

Prevention of Cloud info leaks – Managed CASB
Cloud security services respond to all possible scenarios, including info leaks and other exceptions while using public Cloud, Office 365, SalesForce and other SaaS. It analyzes clients’ characteristics to set/apply security policy based on incident-handling Know-how, then analyzes/notifies any abnormality, if any, eventually preventing any possible security threats.

Cloud automatic detection of security settings
Samsung SDS Cloud Security automatically detects settings and provides guidelines to take actions in order to remove security threats caused by setting errors. For the first time in Korea, it acquired Amazon-certified Security Competency and has been operating Cloud in the largest scope ever, providing a solid and sound Know-how in detection/taking actions, thus enabling a safe and secure use of Cloud.
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