AICC AI Analytics

TA (Text Analysis) based conversation analysis solution

Improve service quality with customer VoC analysis

It is a service that provides customer complaints detection, automated quality management, risk sensing, etc. based on the conversations between customers and agents. Improve service quality and customer satisfaction by utilizing VoC.

Major Services

  • Keyword extraction
    By converting unstructured data such as conversation content and customer information into text data, and through various analyzes, it is possible to quickly identify customer needs and trends in real time, and enable agents to quickly detect and respond risks.
  • VoC analysis
    It provides customer experience analysis information such as customer complaints and customer interest by analyzing information such as customer service conversations and web/app customer reviews. Based on the results of customer VoC analysis, it helps to prevent customer churn in advance and establish a marketing strategy optimized for customers.
  • Automated Quality Management
    By analyzing the contents of the call between the customer and the agent, the solution will automatically check whether the agent provides essential customer information and comments to improve the quality of the customer service.
  • Sentiment Analysis & Risk Detection
    It helps agents easily identify the positive or negative status of customer Emotions by quantifying and standardizing indicators and support managers to respond risk in advance through alarms.


  • Systematic monitoring of repeated VoC

    Complaints can be analyzed by categorizing it with customer journey. Related call lists and details can be easily checked.

  • Pre-detection of churn risk

    Based on customer call and service history analysis, complaints and customer churn risk are detected in advance, enabling intensive management and emergency response.

  • Report tool provided

    Efficient customer service is supported through various reports and screen composition that can be referenced by managers or marketing.

  • Notification of unexpected issues

    It provides notification of rapidly rising keywords and unexpected issues, and enables emergency response by identifying keywords that have not been registered in advanced.

  • High-Quality UI/UX

    Provides UI/UX screen environment that reflects agent convenience and trends.

Use Cases

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