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Samsung SDS Digital Marketing service facilitates seamless integration across marketing, sales, and service activities, leaving customers more satisfied, and loyal to, your products and services.

Digital touchpoints are given ever-greater importance in the COVID world: How capable is your organization in managing and integrating these touchpoints along the buying journey of your customer?

As digital commerce continues to boom, the importance of integrated channels and services for customers keeps on growing. And still, customers experience silos across channels, calling for the adoption of a single customer view. Samsung SDS Digital Marketing service brings together diverse data sets scattered across various channels and systems to enable a 360 analysis of the customer view and manage the customer journey based on buying behavior data fed in across the entire lifecycle, from awareness and purchase to promotion and service.

Key Services

  • Customer Data Integration
    For an omni-channel experience, we integrate customer-relevant data that exist in silos on different on/offline channels to compose a single profile and provide valid data on customer interests and engagements.
  • CX Assessment and Consulting
    We analyze missing data and siloed processes across touchpoints, assess CX from diverse angles along the end-to-end customer journey, and set up omni-channel strategy for consistent experience.
  • Omni-channel Marketing
    We leverage 1st/2nd/3rd party customer data to arrive at an optimal solution tailored to the size and nature of a business, offer campaign strategies based on personalized curation, and drive marketing automation.
  • e-Commerce
    Based on customer interests discovered through campaigns, we define customer-value-centric strategies to drive e-commerce innovation in a differentiated and systematic manner, and deliver implementation and operation.
  • B2B Sales
    We manage the history of B2B-related activities, key contacts, and account-related issues, and offer B2B-tailored services throughout the lifecycle (discovery > lead management > sales forecast > sales) to help boost the productivity in sales.
  • Customer Service
    Our Smart Contact Center brings together diverse channels of communication—email, social media, call center—to respond, in real-time, to all types of customer services, e.g. repair progress check and happy calls.


  • With 20 years of experience in CRM consulting and implementation, Samsung SDS drives up customer value through a digital transformation that combine customer-centric data with emerging technologies.



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