Digital EHS

Samsung SDS offers platform-driven management of environment, safety, health, and energy, enabling sustainable management of an enterprise, and provides centralized intelligent control and monitoring service for field activities across diverse industries.

Data-driven service to realize a safer, healthier,
and more sustainable workplace

Emerging technologies, like IoT, AI, and big data analysis, gather and integrate data generated in the field, and analyze and monitor the data in real time across industries, business areas, production lines, construction sites, and even SOCs, such as airports, roads, and harbors, to transform enterprises into sustainable organizations.

Key Services

  • Digital EHS Assessment & Consulting
    We offer a complete cycle of services encompassing an assessment of the EHS status, setting up a to-be model, and consulting for IT system implementation.
  • Platform-driven EHS Management
    Based on a proven platform, we implement an integrated system accommodating EHS process standardization and industry-specific requirements, and provide relevant consulting.
  • Preventive Safety Management

    Preventive Safety Management
    We implement preventive safety management system using video analysis, location tracking, and other cutting-edge technologies.
  • End-to-end Management of Chemicals Lifecycle
    Real-time monitoring and response to regulatory requirements of hazardous materials along the entire lifecycle, from warehousing to disposal.
  • Energy Efficiency through Optimal Operation
    We analyze the efficiency of facilities over-consuming energy and implement an AI-enabled auto-control system to set up an optimal operation model.
  • Intergrated Monitoring & Control Platform
    Integrated monitoring & control platform equipped with functions to merge diverse data sets effectively visualizes the data using 3D and core technologies.



  • Environment and safety, without rigorous management, may pose fatal risks to achieving perpetuity of business. Samsung SDS’ Digital EHS service enables complete management of environment and safety, and helps cut down on energy costs



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