Environment Policy

Samsung SDS regards environment-friendly management as the top priority values. Respecting people and nature in all business areas, Samsung SDS contributes to the prosperous life of mankind and the preservation of the environment.

1. Global Environmental Leadership

We strengthen sustainability and secure global environmental leadership by continuous investment on green businesses and actively innovate environmental management.

2. Climate Action

Climate change is the defining issue of our generation. We strive to contribute to eco-friendliness by reducing carbon emissions, expand the use of renewable energy, and etc.

3. Environmental Compliance and Environmental Management System

We comply with environmental regulations and operate an advanced environmental management system to continuously create environmental management values and secure future growth engines.

4. Eco-friendly Corporate Culture

We pursue corporate culture that voluntarily participates environmental improvement activities and support environmental training and management of employees and partners.

5. Communication

We engage with stakeholders to shape our environmental management information and we communicate progress to our Board, shareholders, customers, and members of the public.

  • Employees

    At Samsung SDS, all employees are aware of the importance of the environment and work together to make eco-friendly achievements through collaborative efforts. The company shall provide a variety of training programs and opportunities to support this.

  • Suppliers

    Suppliers shall be aware of the effect of their businesses on the environment and protect natural resources for future generations, while trying to minimize the negative impact of the businesses on the environment at the same time.
    When disposing of materials that can cause air pollution, the materials must be managed or processed in compliance with local laws, and the process efficiency of the air pollution prevention equipment must be monitored at all times. Also, Suppliers shall try to find cost effective ways to improve energy efficiency, while minimizing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission.

  • Environment safety management system

    To build and improve a global level of safety environment system, establish and maintain a system compliant with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.
    Through these activities, effort must be made to enhance the level of pollution prevention activities and recycling of resources in key business regions.

  • Management of greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption

    By efficiently managing and reducing the emission of greenhouse gas, we shall strive to properly respond to the "Greenhouse gas Target Management System" and the "Emission Trade Scheme."
    Also, Samsung SDS shall improve the energy efficiency in the establishments and try to effectively reduce energy consumption.