FabriX Simple Package

Fast & Secure Generative AI Service for Enterprises

FabriX Simple Package, a cutting-edge service designed for secure cooperation environment, provides AI-based chat service. It seamlessly generates answers based on internal data and knowledge. Users can select a large language model (LLM) such as OpenAI based on the use case, and this in turn helps them meet various business requirements.
※ FabriX Enterprise Package, which supports various generative AI technologies other than the chat service, is to be provided in the first half of 2024.




Service Architecture

Biz. User ↔ Chat Service ↔ FabriX ↔ Samsung Cloud Platform Developers(Brity works, Cello square ...) ↔ Samsung Cloud Platform Samsung Cloud Platform
  • Composer : Prompt Library/Studio, Cognitive Search, Orchestrator, Filter, Plug-in
  • LLM Serving : LLAMA2, OpenAI, Samsung Gauss, PaLM2, HyperCLOVA X

Key Features

  • Chat Service

    - Provide LLM-based questions and answers
    - Generate answers based on internal data
    - Code Interpreter : Execute code from programming languages and provide feedback on results
    - Allow access to authorized users through single sign-on (SSO)
    - Provide API Endpoint for the implementation of copilot chat service developed by customer (To be provided in 2024)

  • Composer

    - Cognitive search : Offer highly accurate responses and information based on internal data transformed into knowledge
    - Rule-based filter : Provide prompt filtering designed to prevent the leakage of sensitive data and block a politically incorrect query
    - AI-based filter : Prevent breaches of sensitive data including programming codes, user information, and log data
    - Provide Prompt Library/Studio and Orchestrator (To be provided in 2024)

  • LLM Serving

    - Enterprise-oriented LLM using LLaMA 2
    - External LLM provided in a stable environment : Azure OpenAI
    - Expansion of enterprise-oriented LLMs (To be provided in 2024)
    - Expanding multi-modal LLMs (To be provided in 2024)


    • Billing
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