Samsung SDS America and Mobile ID World Team Up For Biometrics Webinar Event

Samsung SDS America and Mobile ID World Team Up For Biometrics Webinar Event

October 28, 2016 –Samsung SDSA, the North American division of the leading global software solutions and IT services company and Mobile ID World, the leading authority on mobile identity news and thought leadership, have partnered to announce the biometrics webinar event of the year: FinServ in the New Age of Identity: Addressing Your Biometrics Concerns.

As financial institutions advance their digital capabilities, the use of biometrics presents an intuitive and convenient way to prove true identity and mitigate risk, but biometric adoption has its challenges. Addressing the threat of spoofing, deciding where to store sensitive biometric data, and the overall security level of a given biometric solutions are only some of the uncertainties facing the financial services sector when it comes to deploying biometrics.

“I have been covering the mobile digital identity market for well over a decade and there has never been a more exciting time in biometrics,” said Peter O’Neill, President & Founder, Mobile ID World & FindBiometrics. “The experts we have assembled with Samsung SDSA for ‘FinServ in the New Age of Identity’ are simply the best in the business. They are the perfect guides to a financial world without passwords.”

On November 2nd at 2pm ET Mobile ID World and Samsung SDSA invite you to discuss various applications and use cases for biometrics, the benefits and capabilities you should look for in a biometric solution, when the best time is to implement a biometric solution, answers to popular biometrics myths and much more.

FinServ in the New Age of Identity : Addressing Your Biometrics Concerns - November 2, 2016.2pm ET/11am PT, Panel webinar featuring : AI Pascual Javelin Strategy & Research, Rechard Lobocsky Samsung SDSA, Shankar Saibabu Samsung SDSA, Brett Mcdowell The FIDO Alliance

Registration is free and the webinar lineup of expert speakers includes:

  • Peter O’Neill – President & Founder, Mobile ID World & FindBiometrics
  • Al Pascual – SVP, Research Director, Head of Fraud & Security, Javelin Strategy & Research
  • Richard Lobovsky – VP, Financial Services Enterprise Solutions, Samsung SDS America, Inc.
  • Shankar Saibabu – Director, Financial Services Solutions Architecture, Samsung SDS America, Inc.
  • Brett McDowell – Executive Director, The FIDO Alliance

“Safeguarding customer data and preventing fraud remains an ongoing challenge for financial institutions. User names and passwords alone are simply inadequate”, according to Richard Lobovsky, VP, Financial Services Enterprise Solutions, Samsung SDS America, Inc.  “We are looking forward to debunking the myths around biometrics and encouraging organizations to stop relying on passwords and use stronger methods of identity authentication.”

“As competitive forces continue to push financial institutions to evolve their online and mobile service delivery into a true first-rate experience for their customers, banks are looking to innovations that will enable them to avoid the age old trade-off between convenience and security, knowing full well they cannot afford to undervalue either, states Brett McDowell, Executive Director, The FIDO Alliance.  “This webinar is a good opportunity for financial institutions to learn how FIDO authentication standards and the growing ecosystem of FIDO Certified products and services can make this trade-off go away by delivering strong authentication security in a very easy to use experience.”

To learn more about the upcoming webinar, FinServ in the New Age of Identity: Addressing Your Biometrics Concerns, visit the registration page.

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