Comprehensive inspection against APT

Keep your company secured From unknown, unexplainable APT

APT attacks are getting intelligent and persistent in changing their hacking paths or malicious code frequently, they get activated again even after they were removed. To protect company’s assets from such attacks, it is necessary to analyze malicious codes from multiple perspectives to prevent the spread of such attempts. Samsung SDS’s AMS solution keeps your company secured and well-prepared for sophisticated APT attacks systematically.

Major Services

  • Meet the most optimized integrated disinfection/quarantine solution to respond to APT




  • Optimal analytics process

    File collecting, pre-processing, data standardization, analytics results are all automated under the APT analytics process to detect malicious codes. Analysts and relevant divisions can share and spread a situation to respond it immediately with APT response functions.

  • Flexible file collecting and multi-dynamic analytics

    To minimize security threat, it collects files from multiple sources where external files are inflowing into such as Internet network, affiliates’ network, FAX network, website bulletin boards as well as file sharing network. Moreover, integration with multi-dynamic systems from collected files allows a more accurate and elaborate analytics.

  • Integrated monitoring and log management

    Dashboard displays security status and major events, and checks analytics results of real-time malicious code inflow and their details. Moreover, event type, IP address, MD5 and other file information are checked, so they are aligned with sites to check reference from the 3rd party for a simple analytics and operation.

Use Cases

AMS use cases

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