Nexplant OT Viewer

PC Management with a sing solution! Perfectly secure PCs!

Provides optimized solutions for control and manage thousands of industrial PCs with easy and simple settings

Manufacturing infrastructure managers need the most up-to-date security technologies that would help them prevent and fight against virus and ransomware attacks, block unauthorized programs, deploy software, and provide remote technical support.
Nexplant OT Viewer allows you to centrally manage and control all industrial PCs from a single location. Stay protected from security threats and manage manufacturing system efficiently with Nexplant OT Viewer’s unauthorized S/W, storage device control, packaged software deployment and remote client control functionalities.

Major Services

  • Operation stability will be secured by applying policies depending on characteristics of site within the company. By strengthening OT security, the management efficiency will be maximized




Platform Architecture

Nexplant OT Viewer Platform Architecture

PC Security Management - Control
  • Process control
  • USB control
  • IP PORT control
PC Security Management - Security
  • Malware scanning
  • Portable vaccine
  • Vulnerability scanning
PC Resource Management
  • H/W resource/performance assessment
  • N/W performance assessment
  • Software-in-use collection/inspection
  • OS service management
Remote PC Control
  • Remote screen control
  • Remote PC explorer
  • Remote monitoring
Deployment Management
  • Program/file deployment
  • Batch/scheduled/target deployment
Core API& Service
  • Third-party module integration
  • Security engine(Secure SDK)
  • Remote engine(Remote SDK)
  • Portal Service


  • Process Control

    Support the Whitelisting/Blacklisting approach and choose between the two depending on the manufacturing environment.

  • Device Control

    Control Key Issuance & Authorization and USB Registration & Use and configure a portable device(MTP) to be allowed.

  • IP PORT Control

    Control the specific PC’s Inbound/Outbound Ports to secure the network.

  • Program Deployment and S/W Patch

    Automatically deploy the required programs and security files and maintain the up-to-date version by managing S/W patch

  • Malicious Process Control

    In order to prevent damage caused by malicious code execution, it checks the process through Virus engine and decides the use, and controls the use of malicious programs.

  • Automated PC vulnerability scanning and remote management

    Automatically collect and monitor the information of PCs in the manufacturing site and control the PCs remotely.

  • Remote service support

    Through the remote control service, on-site analysis is immediately possible with a snapshot of the target PC and when a failure occurs, it is possible to quickly determine the cause and take action through remote access.


Recommended specifications
  • Server

    CPU - 8 Core (3GHz, 8MB) or higher
    Memory - 16 GB
    Storage - 1TB or more
    Server OS - Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or higher
    WEB server - IIS 8.5
    DB - SQL Server 2012 or higher

  • Client

    OS - Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (including Embedded)
    Management console (browser) - Internet Explorer 10 or later version

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