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"In 2020,
we will focus on
securing future growth
engine through global
business expansion."
President and CEO
Samsung SDSWon-Pyo Hong

Dear shareholders,

As we commence the 35th Annual General Meeting today, we would like to thank you for your continued support and trust for Samsung SDS.

The year 2019 saw the most sluggish economic growth since the global financial crisis amidst the US-China trade dispute and belt-tightening measures by businesses. Despite these unfavorable circumstances, Samsung SDS delivered record-breaking earnings - KRW 10,720 billion in revenue and KRW 990 billion in operating income - driven by growth we have achieved in external business, strategic IT, and global markets.

Particularly, results from our external business were a triumph, as we witnessed 31 percent growth year-on-year. We successfully built up our global business capabilities and structural cost competiveness by more than doubling the number of global delivery centers in India, Vietnam and China.

Moreover, we introduced significant innovation in operation by increasing automation through our homegrown AI solution, Brity Works. We proactively implemented our growth strategies aimed at acquiring new technologies, developing our capabilities for business execution, and broadening our customer base.
Furthermore, we have undertaken a significant investment in Israel’s Iguazio, and US-based SentinelOne and Jitterbit to add the leading-edge cloud and security technologies into our portfolio. We have also made a strategic equity investment in Vietnam’s No. 2 IT services provider, CMC, as a means to strengthen our capabilities to deliver business and gain a stronger foothold in the Southeast Asian IT services market.
At home, we have also invested in spin-offs to foster ventures in big data analytics, AI and digital healthcare.

These milestones would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our shareholders and our employees’ commitment to Samsung SDS.

The global IT services market is bound for continuous growth as emerging technologies drive innovation in manufacturing while accelerating the digital transformation.

To keep abreast of these changes in the market, Samsung SDS presented its vision of becoming a “Data-driven Digital Transformation Leader” in 2018. This year, under the banner of “Securing Future Growth Engine through Global Business Expansion,” we are focused on expanding our share in the global market.

We will not be satisfied with merely growing the size of our global business. Instead, we are going to pursue sustainable growth on the basis of robust business models and platforms powered by new technologies.

As a part of this endeavor,
we have set the following three strategic directions to guide us through the year:

First, we are committed to expanding our global external business.
We will target strategic businesses best fit to the unique conditions of overseas local markets, and aggressively develop new customers and business models. Also, we are going to pursue global external business opportunities by fully engaging in stronger strategic partnerships tailored to each vertical, while increasing our efforts in overseas investments and M&A.

Second, we are committed to supporting our customer’s digital transformation journey.
We will continue to discover new business opportunities by successfully implementing the Next ERP system, expanding our R&D cloud business, and helping our customers to be more intelligent and innovative via AI- and cloud-powered technology platforms.

Third, we are committed to further enhancing our competitive edge in our logistics business.
We will look to leverage our differentiated IT capabilities such as the Cello platform to further increase our external opportunities, while solidifying our logistics competiveness by introducing innovation across our portfolio of global logistics operation services.

This year, we are faced with greater risks and challenges in managing and operating our businesses as the coronavirus hits the globe and the world economy witnesses a downturn. However, Samsung SDS employees will stay vigilant, remain fully prepared, and continue to innovate proactively in order to overcome these hurdles.

We ask for your unwavering support and encouragement for Samsung SDS in its journey towards becoming a true global IT leader.

We wish you and your family health and happiness, and the best of luck in all of your endeavors.

Thank you.

President and CEO
Samsung SDSWon-Pyo Hong
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