VM Migration

Migration to Samsung Cloud Platform

VM Migration supports a rapid and convenient transfer of the customer’s existing systems on premises or in the cloud to Samsung Cloud Platform. The service enables easy migration to the virtual servers of the Platform without having to reinstall the operating system.




Service Architecture

Migration Image Usage
On-Premises(VM → Export to OVA) → Upload → Samsung Cloud Platform (Object Storage → Migration Image Creation → VM Creation → VM)
Migration Tool Usage
Samsung Cloud Platform (ZConverter Portal → Control → VM Agent, VM Agent, VM Agent )
ZConverter Portal → Control → On Premises (BM Agent, BM Agent)
ZConverter Portal → Control → Other Clouds (BM Agent, BM Agent)

Key Features

  • Support for various operating systems

    -Based on standard OS for Virtual Server offered on Samsung Cloud Platform
    -Supports Windows, Linux (Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu)

  • Agent-based any to any environment support (uses ZConverter)

    - VM to VM migration
    - Bare Metal Server to VM migration
    - Other clouds to Samsung Cloud Platform migration

  • Encryption-driven data transfer support

    - Higher security for migration enabled by encrypted data transfer
    - Migration without distance restriction when connected to the Internet


    • Billing
    • Using ZConverter : SW license fees and tech support fees are charged separately
    • Using OVA import : Fees charged for creating/storing the image on the storage
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