Monitoring an overuse of inside information

Detect anomaly in using inside company information by analyzing scenarios and patterns based on big data

Are you worried about information leaks on confidential data, intellectual property, sales knowhow, customer and employee’s information?

Insiders carry out most incidents of information leaks. Big data-based scenarios and pattern analytics monitor the use of inside information by executives and employees around the clock, finds abnormal symptoms, issues an early warning and control, thus preventing leaks in advance.

Major Services

  • Prevent information leak by providing regular monitoring for Internal information of companies and capturing abnormal signs




  • Storage of many types of logs

    Collect structure and unstructured data in many systems such as security solution events, portals’ logs, groupware logs, thus integrating and storing them.

  • Correlation analytics for abnormality

    Extract factors of users, information, behaviors from collected logs and analyze their correlation between heterogeneous logs, and detect a symptom of overusing inside information such as access for non-business purpose, excessive query, and etc.

  • Risk indicator management

    Define various risk indicators including the level of inside information, display of critical information exposure, threshold in the number of query and the index of count risk per division and user regularly, thus preventing security incidents related to overuse of inside information.

Use Cases

Go beyond the limits of security solution

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