Nexledger Token

Blockchain-based token ledger service

You can securely trade digital assets
using tokens based on blockchain technology.

By issuing tokens, you can register both tangible and intangible real-world assets as digital assets on the blockchain and manage their circulation through transaction records stored on the blockchain ledger.

Through Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) subscription, you can easily and quickly adopt this solution without infrastructure implementation.

Major Services

We provide services that enable the registration of both tangible and intangible real-world asset information as digital assets on the blockchain, from token issuance to circulation, including the trading of associated rights.
We offer APIs to utilize blockchain services without infrastructure implementation, allowing for cost reduction in terms of human resources and organizational operations and minimizing efforts to secure a separate ecosystem with easy integration capabilities.

- Customer A ↔ (Contents publishing and distribution) ↔ Client Systems ↔ Request/ Response, Restful APIs ↔ Token Service's API Gateway
- Customer B ↔ (Product/Service payment) ↔ Client Systems ↔ Request/ Response, Restful APIs ↔ Paperless' API Gateway
Client Systems
  • Reward
  • Membership
  • Real Estate
  • Smart Farm
  • ...
Token Service
  • API Gateway
  • Token Factory
    1. 1. Payment Token
    2. 2. NFT
    3. 3. Sercurity Token
  • Waller/Token Management
  • On-Chain: (Token information management)
  • IPFS
1. Token Factory : API service offering various tokens such as Payment, NFT, Security Token, and more

Use Cases


Company A, Meta Gallery
Company A has issued children's drawings as digital assets in the form of NFTs, providing a history and asset value for each artwork. The API of the token service can be utilized for transactions such as querying owned NFTs and issuing new NFTs.

[NFT Use Cases]

① Displaying NFT status and adding NFT
② The types of issued NFTs include tickets, artwork submissions, merchandise.
③ Selecting and registering an artwork
④ NFT issuance completed
⑤ Displyaing owned NFTs within the Meta Gallery


    Enabling flexible service expansion without the need for direct management or operation Seamless integration with Standard Service APIs
    Customer information protection, channel separation configuration, independent network configuration. Data Encryption
    Time and resource savings
    through cloud-based service delivery
    Quick Business Launch

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