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Enhance in-store experiences with customer data

Connect with your customers

Discover what customers really want with Nexshop. Gain deep insights by analyzing data collected from various customer touchpoints. Create the perfect in-store customer experience using the latest product information to truly engage your customers.

Major Services

  • Collect/analyze customer data from offline stores to enhance your customers' shopping experience





Platform Architecture

Contextual Marketing Platform

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Customer Experience Channel
  • Digital Signage
  • VR / AR
  • s Key(Personal experience storage device)
  • 온라인
Samsung Nexshop
  • Data Hub
  • Contextual Rule Manager
  • Connected CMS
  • Multi-channel Management
Cloud-based Analytice Platform
  • Brightics IoT - IoT for Big Data
  • Brightics AI - Analytics / AI
Collected Data
  • Legacy(ERP, POS)
  • IoT Sensor (Camera, RFID)
  • 3rd-Party Data (i.e. weather)
Data Hub

Collects and analyzes a wide a range of data from existing legacy system(POS, ERP, CRM, ect) and IoT sensors, and 3rd party data to recognize customers and the situation around them.

Provide integrated management for data collected online in order to connect a customer’s online and offline experience seamlessly.

Contextual Rule Manager
  • Situational Awareness (Store situation, Customer characteristics)
  • Rule Creation (Rule-based rule creation, Analytics-based rule recommendation)
  • Rule Execution (Contents selection, Channel selection)
  • Recommends contents for a diverse range of situations
  • Optimizes promotions based on real-time results measurements
  • Analytics-based automated marketing
Connected CMS
  • Situational-based Contents (Situational content recommendation, Results management of recommended contents)
  • Data-based Contents (User template management, Real-time external data integration)
  • Contents Management Policy (Organizational structure-based contents operation, Tag-based Contents Operation)
  • Real-time Device Management (Error Prediction, Remote Operation)
  • Provides dynamic contents by integrating real-time analytic results and external data
  • Considers individual store identity while providing integrated contents management and distribution between HQ and store
Multi-channel Management

Increases customer engagement by providing the appropriate marketing message at the right time via multi-channel management.

Optimizes channels by collecting various in-store information such as foot traffic, demographics, preference, length of visit, etc. and measuring the customer’s response to in-store experiences.

Cloud-based Analytics Platform
Brightics IoT

Optimizes data collection, operation, and management systems while connecting IoT devices with big data solutions and legacy systems.

Brightics AI

Utilizes intelligent and prescriptive analytics to analyze a wide variety of data (real-time, unstructured, etc.) and provides visualized reports of the analytic results.

After running simulations which apply various analytic models, the platform provides an optimized channel that uses personalized marketing contents for targeted customers based on the analytic results.




Analyst Reports

  • Nexshop seeks to empower retailers to pursue a data-driven approach to optimize personalization and provide better shopping experiences

    Analyst Jaideep Thyagarajan, IDC Solution Highlight



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