"As technology is evolving rapidly and convergence & integration is mainstreaming in today's global business landscape, one critical factor that strengthens a company's competitive edge lies in its ability to network with its business suppliers. This implies that businesses should follow transparent criteria and procedures in selecting their business suppliers and establish fair trade principles to maintain mutually-trusted relationships. Samsung SDS needs to generate synergy effects with its suppliers in order to elevate mutual cooperation into a whole new level and to pursue shared growth as the company can be only as competitive as its suppliers."

- Samsung SDS Sustainability Report 2020

Forging trust through fairness and stronger ethics

Our partnerships are focused on mutual growth, and built on honesty and trust. We strongly believe in the vital importance of high-minded business ethics, and pursue partnerships with fairness and integrity by following all regulations.

- Pledging to ensure compliance and business ethics
- Strictly following our Supplier Code of Conduct

Comply with the Fair Trade Act

To comply with the Subcontractors Act and for fairer trades with suppliers,
Samsung SDS follows the guidance by Korean Fair Trade Commission

  • Faithfully implementing the contracting process

  • Selecting and managing suppliers

  • Operating a Subcontractor Deliberation Committee

  • Issuing and retaining printed documents

To create a fair and transparent trade environment, Samsung SDS provides clear evaluation criteria and fair opportunities to supplier and share business opportunities through, the online collaboration system. As a result, Samsung SDS obtained the highest score "Excellent" from both Korea Fair Trade Commission and Win-Win Growth Commission.