Our Approach

Sustainability Management Strategy

Samsung SDS has established a new framework for our sustainability strategy with the aim of
actively contributing to the resolution of customers' ESG(Environmental, Social, and Governance)
challenges through our digital capabilities and providing support to them.

  • ESG Vision
  • ESG Core Values
  • ESG Strategic Plan

"Leveraging digital capabilities to solve the ESG challenges of corporate clients and to support sustainable growth"

Customer ESG Value Enhancement
  • Cloud Services

    Enhancing customer's environmental value Increasing visibility of carbon emissions data

  • Logistics

    Providing eco-friendly logistics services Increasing visibility of carbon emissions data

  • Solutions

    Addressing customer's ESG challenges Creating ESG-related business opportunities

Enhancing SDS ESG capabilities
  • Expanding ESG application in domestic/overseas subsidiaries

  • Strengthening ESG Communications

Strategy for Sustainable Business

ESG Committee

Samsung SDS established the ESG Committee to enhance the ESG oversight function by its BOD.
The ESG Committee receives reports on ESG management plans through the ESG Council. The committee intends to continuously expand its role by actively deliberating on and devising resolutions of specific issues and promotional activities related to each area of ESG.

  • Seung-Ah Cho
    Committee Chairman
    (Independent Director)
  • Hyun–Han Shin
    Committee Member
    (Independent Director)
  • Moo Il Moon
    Committee Member
    (Independent Director)
  • Jae Jin Lee
    Committee Member
    (Independent Director)
  • Sungwoo Hwang
    Committee Member
    (Executive Director)

Sustainable Management Governance

  • Board of Directors
    • ESG Committee
      • ESG Committee
    • ESG Consultative Body
      • Environment
        • EHS Center (Environment)
        • Datacenter Innovation Team
        • Logistics Planning Team
      • Social
        • People Team
        • EHS Center (Safety and Health)
        • Corporate Social Contribution Office
        • Partner Collaboration Team
      • Govemance
        • Compliance Team
        • Legal Service Team
        • Samsung Security Center
        • Investor Relations Team