System Account & Access Management Solution

Maximize operational efficiency and security with centralized access control and automatic account management tools

Are you still managing your IT infra manually? Do you still have to repetitively go through cumbersome request procedures to access your system? Samsung SDS EAMS is designed to help you automatically manage system accounts of various infrastructure from cloud to on-premise. With EAMS, you can control and monitor access to resources from a centralized channel and achieve greater efficiency and security.

Major Services

  • Meet the solution that controls system accounts and access for innovation in infrastructure operation in hybrid IT environment




  • Optimized for cloud

    - Connect to machines in hybrid environments including physical data centers and clouds (virtual machines, containers, etc.) no matter where the machine is located.
    - EAMS is optimized for cloud computing. Manage your resources flexibly with auto-scaling feature.

  • Faster & simplified gateway-based security control

    - Faster access to machines through web browser. There is no need to go through cumbersome pre-approval processes such as requesting firewall or acquiring equipment account information.
    - Ensure powerful security, provided with OTP for every SSH/RDP access.

  • HTML5 based web terminal

    - Log into your IT assets in uniform user interface directly through web browser, without the need to install client software.
    - Connect from any device running on Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, etc. via web browser

  • Close-up monitoring of user account activities

    - Gain detailed insights on account activities in real time in the form of video/text
    - Save video files with a specialized codec to reduce the file size and cost burden.


  • Access history tracking & monitoring

    - Equipment access/activity history tracking
    - Unauthorized access history tracking
    - User, equipment, account modification history tracking

  • Access management and control

    - Web terminals for equipment access (SSH, RDP)
    - User access management by equipment
    - Connected to approval systems for root account access

  • Equipment account management automation

    - Automated account lifecycle management (account creation/modification/deletion)
    - Password generation policy and lifecycle management
    - User account & equipment account mapping

  • User authentication

    - Integrated with internal HR system (blocking the access of resigned or transferred employees)
    - Supports two-factor authentication (FIDO, OTP, etc.), LDAP, OAuth2, SAML, etc.
    - Granular access control and time-based access permission feature

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