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  • Experience DT technologies in Cloud environments, just with Quick Setup
    Experience DT technologies in Cloud environments, just with Quick Setup
    Experience DT technologies in Cloud environments, just with Quick Setup

    Experience DT technologies
    in Cloud environments,
    just with Quick Setup

  • Single Sign-On enables you to use solutions without multiple signups
    Single Sign-On enables you to use solutions without multiple signups
    Single Sign-On enables you to use solutions without multiple signups

    Single Sign-On enable
    you to use solutions without
    multiple signups

  • Dashboard offers an at-a-glance view of all your solutions
    Dashboard offers an at-a-glance view of all your solutions
    Dashboard offers an at-a-glance view of all your solutions

    Dashboard offers an
    at-a-glance view of
    all your solutions

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AI/Analytics & IoT

60-day trial

Brightics AI

Harness the AI-powered data analytics platform
to gain insights from data.

Even beginners can build analytics service by intuitive modeling tools and functions. No scripting required.

The tutorial guides you through the whole journey from project creation to complex data analytics modeling.

Explore practical, real-life use cases and try out algorithm samples frequently used by data scientists.

90-day trial

Brightics IoT

The IoT platform helps you connect devices easily and
gather data quickly.

Use the pre-set environment of individual devices and apps to quickly connect things.

Use 10+ dashboard cards to configure your own operational environments

The embedded default rule engines optimize your complex business environment.

Free demo

Brightics AI Service - Purchase Propensity Model

Leverage the power of AI in marketing campaigns with analytics-based prediction services.

Find out what customer segments have a high probability of buying particular products.

Suggest key customer segments of specific products.

Higher conversion rates than mass marketing leads to more effective marketing campaigns.

Free demo

Brightics AI Service - Customer Financial Health Prediction

Predict and manage customers’ accounts receivable risk with AI.

Score each customer’s accounts receivable risk. Predict their financial sustainability. Take proactive actions.

Impose proactive measures against AR risk based on AI-guided objective insights.

Minimize late payment risk. Empower your team to manage customers more effectively.

Automation & Collaboration (Brity Works)

60-day trial

Brity Mail, Messenger, Meeting

Change the way you work with Brity Works, providing an seamless work environment anytime, anywhere.

With a single sign-up, you get all the core features of seamlessly connected Brity mail, messenger and meetings.

Experience the mobile apps and maintain business continuity even if you work from home or remotely.

Protect corporate information through watermarks, capture prevention, and options for collaboration with outsiders.

60-day trial

Brity RPA

Experience greater business productivity with the AI-powered
Brity Works RPA solution.

Anyone can create RPA bots with Drag & Drop and Automatic Scenario Creation.

Simply install Designer. You are all set to experience an RPA process.

Use Orchestrator to schedule bot executions according to your plans.

60-day trial

Brity Assistant

Create Brity Works AI-powered chatbot that understand natural language.

Design conversations easily with the intuitive UI. Just Drag & Drop 7 conversation cards to get the design you like.

Test how the chatbot performs (accuracy & similarity) right after you build it. Check the dashboard to see how it actually works.

Use Simulator and Webchat to experience and learn how a user interacts with the chatbot via messenger.


90-day trial

Nexledger Universal

The integrated Blockchain platform incorporates Blockchain technology quickly and smoothly into your business.

Test-Net allows developers to experiment with the chain and test new services. No installation required.

In a cloud infrastructure similar to the actual Blockchain system, test standard Blockchain APIs built on our expertise and know-how.

Monitor the operational status of Blockchain in real time.

Intelligent Factory

30-day trial

Nexplant PLM

Market your superior products with speed by ensuring everyone in product development stays on the same page.

Manage CAD drawings, projects and products & components while connected to the Internet. No installation required.

Excellent visibility supports frictionless design-production communication and real-time decision making.

Create BOMs and manage design change flexibly as per needs and purposes.

Coming soon

Nexplant 3D eXcellence

This differentiated platform facilitates
your 3D data use on site.

Free trial coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Trial?See more
My Trial is a one-stop website where you make free trial requests for our SaaS and PaaS solutions and upgrade to paid subscription. Once registered to the website, you can apply for numerous free trial solutions with your SSO account. Currently, only free trial requests are available. Starting from July however, more solutions will gradually be brought in for free trial and paid subscription.
For free trials, am I required to sign up to the solution website?See more
Register to My Trial once only and you can use free trial solutions within My Trial without additional signups.
How do I apply for free trial?See more
Go to the Solutions & Services page on the Samsung SDS website and click Start Free Trial. Or, go to My Trial and click Start Free Trial in the individual solution cards.
Can I request free trial again when my initial trial period expires?See more
Yes. You can apply again, except for Brity RPA and Brity Assistant which offer free trial only once.
Where do I find solution manuals and tutorials for free trials?See more
Go to My Trial and find the Manual or Tutorial link button in each solution card. Or, go to the website of individual solutions.
I want to discontinue free trial during my free trial period.See more
As they are offered for free, the solutions do not have a Discontinue option. Once your free trial period expires, the trial automatically ends.
Where and how do I get technical support?See more
You can request Technical Support either at My Trial or at the website of individual solutions.
What will happen to the data created during free trial?See more
When your free trial ends, the data will be deleted. Before your trial period expires, we will send you a reminder email. Please download your data elsewhere beforehand.
How do I subscribe to paid subscription?See more
Solutions will be ready for paid subscription at the end of September. Until then, contact us at our contact information for the upcoming for-pay service of individual solutions.
Can I use paid subscription immediately after my application?See more
If you apply for paid subscription via My Trial at the end of September or later, we will individually contact you for contracting. Once everything is fully set up and ready, you will be able to access and use the solutions via My Trial.
Am I allowed to access the website of solutions with my account even after I terminate My Trial?See more
No. My Trial uses Single Sign-On. Upon terminating My Trial, your ongoing free trial will be discontinued and you will no longer be able to access the website of individual solutions.
Can I sign up again after I terminate My Trial and delete my account?See more
Yes. You can sign up again using the same email account you previously used for My Trial.

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