Brightics Deep Learning

An unstructured data analytics platform - Deep learning service made easy and fast for all

Recommend optimum models and label data automatically, for maximum productivity in deep learning development process

It is possible to provide the acceleration technology for AI development by automating the labeling process that spends the most time in the AI model development stage, and improving learning pace and distributed process of data in bulk.

Major Services

Find the fastest training speed in the field of deep learning

  • Save image labelling time 70% World's highest auto-labelling rate
  • Improve model selection speed 2~8 times Automatic DL model recommendation



Analyst Reports

  • Samsung SDS was positioned as a Major Player in the 2021 APEJ IDC MarketScape for Vision AI Software Platform.

    MarketScape Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Vision AI Software Platform 2021 Vendor Assessment, IDC



Use Cases


    • High-performance distributed process engine

      The pace of data process in bulk will be 8 times more improved by securing the world's best high-performance distributed processing, which applies the most optimized load distributed methods to the company's own patented DB and the analytics server.

    • Best Model Proposal

      The time that requires on-site experts or less skilled AI developers to select deep learning models will be at least 2-8 times more improved by utilizing the pre-trained model that automatically recommends the most optimized deep learning models for the given learning data.

    • Auto-Labeling

      The labeling time will be reduced up to 80% by automatically carrying out the 80% of data labeling while human can implement the rest of 20% by maximizing the labeling automation rate with the most advanced active learning technology.


    Recommended specifications
    • Deep learning analytics platform

      x86 server with 2 or more nodes
      -GPU: NVIDIA V100 1EA/Node
      -CPU: 16 cores/Node
      -Memory: 32GB/Node
      -Operating system: Linux 64bits

    • PC for platform users

      - Browser : Chrome (Version 50.0 or higher)
      - Screen resolution: 1280 x 900 (recommended)

    • Appropriate cloud environments

      SDS Cloud, Amazon Web Service, MS Azure, Google Cloud, etc.


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