Cello Trust

Blockchain-based platform for supply chain traceability

Using blockchain technology, we create an environment where supply chain participants and consumers trust each other

Developed by combining Samsung SDS’ blockchain technology and logistics expertise, Cello Trust ensures tamper-proof, secure information across all stages of a supply chain. This enables businesses to provide secured proof of origin and distribution information to customers. They can incorporate the information in a range of their business activities by integrating Cello Trust with their production/distribution/sales systems as needed.


  • Our blockchain-based Cello Trust creates new values for customers



Major Services

  • Proof of origin
    By using blockchain to store shipping data such as import/export and customs clearance, Cello Trust proves the origin and distribution journey of your products to consumers and business partners.
  • Proof of shipping status
    We monitor the status of your temperature and humidity-sensitive shipments by attaching IoT devices and give you access to the status data on Cello Trust.
  • Provenance tracking on mobile
    Consumers can check the entire supply chain process of a product by simply scanning a QR code with their mobile device. They can see other product & marketing information as well.
  • Information sharing among supply chain stakeholders
    Cello Trust enables supply chain stakeholders to share information in a quick and efficient way. You can also limit access to the information to a few ones, following the rule agreed in advance.
  • Production/distribution/sales system integration
    You can integrate your system with Cello Trust to work collaboratively with others or create new business models as the blockchain-based platform helps you store whatever process data you need.
  • Streamlined, tamper-proof documentation
    By combining Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with blockchain, we have streamlined documentation process while confirming the authenticity of documents and preventing forgery or alteration.

Use Cases


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