Samsung SDS Participated in the Beijing International Consumer Electronics Expo

Samsung SDS Participated in the Beijing International Consumer Electronics Expo

Samsung SDS recently attended the ‘Beijing International Consumer Electronics Expo (CEE)’. Held for the 17th year in a row, the CEE is an exhibition for consumer products and solutions related to smart homes, smart cities, and smart life. The exhibition was held at the Beijing International Convention Center over 3 days from June 28, attracting over 40,000+ people, including home appliances vendors / suppliers and general visitors.

01Entrance to Samsung SDS booth

123Customers are demonstrating the door lock

SDS was presented the Gold Award for Smart Home Innovation by the China Smart Home Expert Group at the exhibition and solidified its position in the Chinese home IoT market.

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Also, during the exhibition period, a presentation was given on the new SHP-DR708 and SHP-DP738 smart door lock models to 70 major media outlets, at which time the official launch of the new door locks was also announced.

007Samsung SDS invited major media outlets to the official launch of the new digital smart door locks

Wi-Fi Integrated IoT Smart Door Lock (SHP-DR708)
Your door lock and smartphone are always connected through Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor and control access as if you are at home.

Easy to open doors using smartphone, Real-time notifications of family arriving home, Innovation door opening, Fast and accurate fingerprint authentication, Smart voice notifications, Mobile key can be issued to visitors

2019 All New Premium Push-Pull (SHP-DP738)
This is the 2019 all new premium push-pull door lock that has become even smarter with fast fingerprint recognition and bluetooth interlocking access management.

Fingerprint authentication, Push notification when family comes home, Open safely using smartphone, Voice recognition, One-time temporary passward via smartphone

Focusing on enhancing customer convenience and security, the aim of the SHP-DR708/SHP-DP738 models is to increase sales through early marketing strategies. The Expo was more than just a device exhibition; it was a great opportunity to position SDS in the smart home solutions and IoT device markets.