Drive your dealership forward using connected spaces

“The car buying process is changing,” said Joseph Lanners, Director of the Retail Group at Samsung SDS. Consumers no longer depend on dealerships as their primary method of gathering information about new vehicles.

Instead, 46 percent of consumers rely on consumer reviews and another 45 percent turn to search engines. This new reality means now your sales associates compete with comments from competitors, former employees and disgruntled customers scattered online.

One common complaint among consumers is that the car buying process takes too long, according to Lanners. Taking the effort to commute to the dealership demands a sizeable effort, especially when information can easily be obtained with a few simple clicks on Google.

Samsung Connected Spaces can help dealerships reclaim the narrative by meeting customers where they are. Rather than demand customers take time from their days to travel to the dealership, Connected Spaces connect the dealership to the surrounding community. These pop-ups can be deployed in less than 90 days in highly trafficked areas from malls to transit stations to amusement parks.

Putting your brand in places your customers frequent daily increases impressions and reach among members of your local target demographic. After repeated engagements, you begin to carve a space in the consumer’s mind, which in turn can foster brand amity and ultimately generate sales leads.

What Do You Want?

Connected Spaces is not just a matter of being where consumers are. It is also about being there in the right way. The data-driven pop-up solution provides dealerships an unobtrusive way to enter consumer spaces and capture the needs and wants of customers.

With Connected Spaces, instead of dealing with a pushy salesperson, the customer controls if, when and how they engage with the pop-up and acquire additional information. As the visitor interacts with interactive displays in an organic way, Connected Spaces sits quietly in the background collecting data, making observations and relaying information back to the dealership and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

With customer behavior analytics, Connected Spaces gathers insights into what draws consumers -- even on a subconscious level. After all, could you explain why you gravitate toward a certain product or dwell in a particular area of a store longer than others?

Instead of speculating about what car buyers want, Connected Spaces gathers concrete data analytics into what attracts them. Using this information, dealerships can maximize the ROI of the inventory they purchase from OEMs.

Hitting New Targets

Thus far, we have talked about how Connected Spaces can help you reach your customers, but they can also help you discover who your best customers are. When people are a state fair with their families or a concert with their friends, they are not thinking about their next car purchase. So, when they engage with the pop-up, it is because they are sincerely curious.

As Connected Spaces gathers demographic information and other data from these visitors, you are gauging genuine interest. With this information, you can refine your target audience profile and adapt marketing and messaging efforts to target your most promising prospects. Connected Spaces offer a data-driven solution to connect your dealership with customers – both your current customers and the ones you have yet to discover.

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VP, Digital Innovation Solutions, Diane Carlson
VP, Digital Innovation Solutions, Diane Carlson
Samsung SDS America