Brightics Visual Search Acknowledged in Global Market Research Reports

Samsung SDS’s AI video analytics solution Brightics Visual Search (“Visual Search”) continues to gain strong global awareness. The company was positioned as a major player in the “IDC MarketScape: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Vision AI Software Platform 2021 Vendor Assessment”(Doc # AP47490521, October 2021). In addition, the global research and advisory firm Forrester named Samsung SDS as a growth stage provider in its report “New Tech: Computer Vision Platforms, Q3 2021,” which analyzes the market environment of the computer vision sector. In the New Tech report, Forrester categorizes companies in the computer vision field into stages of early, growth, and late by analyzing sales and annual growth rates as well as the number of their clients and employees.

Brightics Visual Search Evolves with Real-time Automated Video Editing and Production, Beyond Image Search and Analysis

The solution’s functions -- searching a certain movie character using text-search and automatically producing thumbnails and trailer videos -- were introduced in articles of previous updates on Samsung SDS’s project wins. Since then, the solution has evolved even further. It can insert product images into videos to produce advertising videos beyond automatically generating short-form videos.

Companies are actively conducting marketing campaigns on e-commerce and social media, as these two areas grow in importance. Up until now, videos had to be manually edited, no matter how short they were. Visual Search solved this problem: it provides real-time video editing services to make short clips. For instance, after a one-hour home shopping show is aired, the solution automatically edits the content into a 2- to 3-minute short video to be uploaded on social media platforms.

Another surprising feature is virtual advertising. The solution can add images of products to be advertised, such as a mobile phone or cosmetics, to make them look as if they were actually in the scene. Also, the solution can analyze videos and recommend where to insert product images. Unlike in the past when producers had to shoot products to be advertised, now they can conveniently edit videos afterward. This allows companies to place virtual advertisements of several products in just one scene.

As live shopping is in fashion in the e-commerce industry, a growing number of companies are contacting Samsung SDS to place advertising videos on social media in recognition of Visual Search’s superior functions. In particular, the solution will gain an even stronger position as virtual humans and metaverse have emerged as the latest trends. On par with the reports mentioned above recognizing Samsung SDS, it is set to expand its AI video analytics business even further.