Why the future of digital signage must include data

Why the Future of Digital Signage Must Include Data

It’s not a secret. The future of digital signage is now. This year at InfoComm 2018, we saw how immense the opportunities are. LED is transforming public spaces. High-bright displays are extending messages beyond physical spaces into the outdoors. New collaboration solutions are flipping expectations about meeting room technology. Amid all this change, we are leaving our mark on the future of smart signage by integrating data into display with Samsung Nexshop.

Connecting with Shoppers

What if you could recapture your customers’ attention? That is what Nexshop aims to do with interactive displays and behavior sensors. The customer behavior sotware gathers demographic information about your customers and tracks where they gravitate and dwell within the store. Using this information, you can develop personalized messaging for your most promising targets. Those messages are delivered on Nexshop’s interactive displays, which fosters customer engagement and can ultimately improve sales.

Finding Time by Making Space

If you work in an office, you know the frustration of trying to hold an impromptu meeting – and not having the space to do it. All the available conference rooms are technically booked, but you know somewhere in the building, a “scheduled” room remains empty.

This year at InfoComm, we displayed how Nexshop can cut down meeting room underutilization. With its behavior-sensing technology, Nexshop detects movement inside a conference room. If the room remains idle for 15 minutes, the platform returns the room to the pool of available spaces.

What if you have a room? How many times have you and your team sat silently in an hour long meeting or brainstorm session only to find your inspiration within those final five minutes. You frantically rush to jot down those last brilliant ideas before another group arrives rather than focusing on developing them. By the time your team has a chance to reconvene, the idea has either lost its initial spark or has disappeared entirely.

With conference room digital signage, you can enter your company's reservation system through the display and see if anyone is coming. If the room is free, you can extend your meeting, allowing your team members to work on their time and eliminating space as a barrier to creative productivity.

Emerging Digital Signage Use Cases

One of the most interesting parts about InfoComm was discovering and sharing use cases for digital signage across industries people would not necessarily think to consider. Museums are a prime example. Museums invest a huge sum of money on exhibits, but they often have no clue what pieces resonate with people. They rely on anecdotal observations from security guards and other staff members. Because Nexshop’s display technology tracks foot traffic and dwell time, museums can see what exhibits visitors gravitate toward. This data provides valuable information to museums about where to invest and how to curate exhibits to maximize ROI.

In a strange way, digital signage is comparable to dating. The beauty and vibrancy of modern LED, LCD and high-bright displays have lured and captivated viewers. Beauty alone is not enough, however. The ability to personalize and customize display messaging through data-driven solutions like Nexshop adds depth and substance that makes viewers want to return.

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Joseph Lanners
Joseph Lanners

Joseph Lanners is the Director of Retail Innovation at Samsung SDS America.