Nexshop, plus Harman, equals a better in-store experience

Is it the retail apocalypse? With hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores shutting their doors, many store owners certainly feel that way. The good news-this is not the end. It is the beginning of a more engaging and relevant in-store retail experience. Brick-and-mortar stores are evolving from places of purchase into brand experience hubs. With Nexshop and Harman, you can ensure your store experiences are strong enough to survive the changes coming to the retail industry.

Smartening Up the Store

Nexshop is a cloud-based platform that eliminates the need for a huge enterprise solution. With a few sensors, captivating signage, and an Internet connection, you can be up and running. Once Nexshop is deployed, customer behavior analytics appear in near real-time. You can count people going into and out of your store and people who pass by on the outside. Once customers are inside, you can see where they go and what they do. The Nexshop sensors also collect demographic information to provide deep insights into who your customers are and whether they are in a happy, sad, or neutral mood.

Traditionally, it was hard to tell if you had a profitable day until you closed shop and counted the money in the register. With Nexshop, within hours (sometimes even minutes), you can see how changes in store layout or product offerings influence sales, traffic, and dwell time. So if a certain area of your store impacts a customer’s mood, you can begin to determine what that’s happening. Is it the lighting? Do you need to add more seating outside a fitting room? The ability to A/B test and modify product presentations in real-time puts you miles ahead of your competition. By accessing usable information, you can quickly act and troubleshoot what isn’t working – or do more of what is.

Let Experts Be Experts

When we developed Nexshop, we wanted to let experts be experts. Retail storeowners are experts at finding products and distributing and selling those products in store. Our role is to develop solution stacks that target exactly who and what you want. As a one-stop solution, our platform provides everything you need, so you do not have to deal with the hassle of integrating different products, databases, and infrastructures. We take care of it. We handle implementation, integration, and troubleshooting, so retailers are free to excel at retailing.

The Harman Experience Center

For retailers interested in learning more, Harman created the Harman Experience Center in Northridge, California. The center exhibits all of Harman’s audiovisual solutions from background music to architectural lighting to digital signage. Within the retail solutions presentation, you can learn more about Nexshop Behavior Sensing as well as targeted in-store messaging displays.

As changes continue to disrupt this industry, it’s imperative for retailers to craft stronger in-store experiences. Nexshop and Harman are at the forefront of these changes and are helping store owners adapt. By designing and personalizing experiences to consumer tastes and preferences, physical stores leverage their unique value and increase ROI in the long run.

What are some retail tech solutions you would like to implement in your store? Let us know by tweeting us at @SamsungSDSA.

Intrigued by Nexshop Behavior Sensing? Check out the introduction video below and click here for more info about the solution.

Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan

Patrick is a highly motivated corporate education leader and visionary with 12+ years of teaching, leadership, and communication experience. He has a world-wide focus on global partner and customer enablement, creating and delivering instructor-led, web-based, and e-Learning training and certification programs. Patrick is a skilled instructor, presenter, and facilitator with experience presenting to a wide variety of venues from small groups and classrooms to large auditorium settings all over the United States and the world. He has a strong technical background in IT, cloud technologies, distributed computing (VMware, AWS, CenturyLink), Windows and Linux server administration, enterprise server applications, networking, and training support technologies.