[Press Release] Samsung SDS expands its retail innovation solution business globally

The picture of Samsung SDS building

- Expanding the solution to Samsung Electronics Experience Shops and sales representatives worldwide
- Expanding the market by deploying the solution to Germany’s automaker and forming partnership with a U.K. property firm
- Enabling store innovations, such as differentiated shopping experience based on customer data analytics, 
  personalized promotions for customers, and two-way advertising impact analysis

Samsung SDS (CEO Yoosung Chung) is pushing ahead with its efforts for global expansion by distributing its retail innovation solution (brand name: Nexshop™) to global leaders in the automotive and real estate industries, as well as Samsung Electronics.

Nexshop™, Samsung SDS’s retail innovation solution, is contributing to innovation across all areas of the retail store by offering differentiated shopping experience, personalized sales, and sales support, providing systemic sales training, and maximizing the impact of digital advertising.
By adopting this solution, retailers will be able to provide personalized promotions based on customer behavior in-store and past purchase data and perform a two-way advertising impact analysis. 

Samsung SDS is supplying Nexshop™ to all stores of Samsung Electronics’ networks business unit around the world.

The company also utilizes Samsung Plus which incorporates Nexshop Training, a training solution for store employees, to extend a sales skills reinforcement and training program to 300,000 store employees at 57 branches of Samsung Electronics’ networks business unit.  

Last month, Samsung SDS signed a memorandum of understanding with Zoopla, one of the U.K.’s leading property portals and SDS’s business customer with a share of about 70%. By integrating Zoopla’s content with SDS’s Nexshop solution, the companies aim to help property owners to offer buyers a smart service. 

Buyers visiting a store will be able to check out digitalized product information on their tablets or large format displays (LFD), and have such first-hand experiences as locating buildings with an interactive map and a virtual tour of the buildings.

Meanwhile, a German automotive company is also adopting Samsung SDS’s retail innovation solution. Following the successful completion of the pilot project targeting a German global automaker, SDS’s retail solution has attracted the attention of other industry leaders.

Samsung SDS’s retail solution adopted by the German carmaker allows automatic distribution of marketing content to stores and transforms customer experience in-store using cutting-edge display devices, such as the LFD and Gear VR, a virtual reality device. 

Furthermore, the use of near-field communication (NFC) and video analytics has assisted in analyzing customers’ behavioral patterns in-store and providing optimized content and promotions.   

Wonpyo Hong, head of Samsung SDS’s solution business unit (Presidnet), said, “Through the deployment of the retail innovation solution to Samsung Electronics’ stores around the world, Samsung SDS has attracted the attention of world leading companies. We will expand Samsung SDS’s retail innovation solution Nexshop™ to more diverse areas.”