[Press Release] Samsung SDS Invests in a US Cloud Technology Company

Samsung SDS Invests in a US Cloud Technology Company

• Invested in an American GPU virtualization company, Bitfusion
• 2 to 4 times ↑ improvement in performance and cost down up to 50% ↓ using GPU virtualization technology
• Acquiring foreign cutting edge technology and focusing on fostering cloud businesses through strategic alliances

Samsung SDS (CEO Won-Pyo Hong, www.samsungsds.com) revealed on the tenth, that they have invested in an American GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) virtualization company Bitfusion through Samsung Ventures Corporation (SVIC).

Bitfusion possess GPU virtualization technology that is used to efficiently manage GPU resources in artificial intelligence services, autonomous vehicles, and big data analysis, for their high performance computing.

GPU compared to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) which does serial processing, allows faster and more efficient computing for domains like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, thus recently their market demand has been increasing rapidly.

By applying the Bitfusion technology, Samsung SDS will be able to increase customer GPU resource utilization ratio up to 2 to 4 times compared to other conventional public cloud service, reduces cost up to 50%, thereby strengthening the competitiveness in cloud business.

Samsung SDS is also engaging in strategic alliances with leading global cloud businesses like Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle and cowork with leading cloud businesses like Virtustream and SpotInst, in order to secure cutting-edge cloud technology and cultivate their cloud business.

The Executive Vice Presiden of Samsung SDS’s cloud business division Kim Ho, emphasized and stated that “Through this investment, we will apply Bitfusion’s distinguished technology, strengthening Samsung SDS’s competitiveness in cloud business.”

Samsung SDS is also strengthening its business cooperation through the business cooperation with investments in order to secure outstanding future core technologies in timely fashion and expand SDS’s inorganic growth.

– A new generation of GPU virtualization business founded by researchers from Intel in Austin, Texas, USA in 2015
– CEO: Michael Zimmerman
– Provides a solution that efficiently services GPU resources through FlexDirect, a product based on GPU virtualization technology
– Currently co-working with Cisco, VMware, Xilinx and others

* GPU(Graphic Processing Unit)
– An abbreviation for Graphic Processing Unit, a high performance computing device that can process computations related to graphic images at high speed like that of CPU (Central Processing Unit). Recently, it is being used in artificial intelligence, supercomputer, autonomous vehicles and etc. It is also deployed on Google’s AI Alpha GO.