Samsung SDS to Invest in Vizion to Strengthen its Global Logistics Competitiveness

+ To upgrade Cello Square platform by securing related technologies in enhancing logistics visibility
+ To strengthen digital logistics service competitiveness with various investment and technical enhancement

Samsung SDS announced that it had invested in Vizion, a US logistics startup with technology in ocean freight visibility, through the Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC).

Logistics visibility, a key element of global logistics competitiveness, provides visual information of the entire logistics process including cargo arrival/departure times and accurate location. Thus, it allows customers to manufacture and sell products in more timely and planned manner while quickly responding to risks.

With its ocean freight tracking API, Vizion provides highly-accurate freight information in real-time by automatically collecting and analyzing key data such as cargo location from the ocean carriers and port terminals worldwide.

Samsung SDS plans to connect its digital logistics platform, Cello Square, to Vizion’s freight information to provide various information such as cargo tracking and shipping schedules while enhancing its prediction services for cargo arrival time.

Accordingly, the customers of Samsung SDS’s digital logistics service can find more accurate global ocean freight information in timely manner including: cargo departure/arrival time at the shipment, trans-shipment and destination ports; real-time location tracking; and transportation monitoring.

Kooil Oh, Executive Vice President and Leader of Logistics Business Division at Samsung SDS, said, “Samsung SDS expects to further strengthen its competitiveness in digital logistics service through this investment and will develop into a major global logistics service company through various investment and technology enhancement.”