Samsung SDS builds strong presence in the Next-generation ERP Market

Samsung SDS builds strong presence in the Next-generation ERP Market

▶ Built the next-generation ERP systems for external clients, such as Hyundai Construction Equipment Co., Ltd., Hyundai Electric Co., Ltd. and Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation
▶ Own highest level of expertise throughout the entire process from consulting to system building & operation based on the ERP project experiences with Samsung affiliates
▶ Leads the next-generation ERP based on new technologies, such as AI, Cloud and Big Data

Samsung SDS (President & CEO, Dr. WP Hong, is achieving good results in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business through next-generation ERP projects of Hyundai Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. and Hyundai Electric Co., Ltd., as well as Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation.

In early January, Samsung SDS completed Phase 1 of the Global ONE ERP system project based on SAP S/4HANA for headquarter and overseas offices of Hyundai Construction Equipment Co., Ltd, following the implementation of ISP (Information Strategy Planning) and PI (Process Innovation) consulting projects.

With the establishment of the Global ONE ERP System by the first half of this year, Hyundai Construction Equipment aims to improve its business management level through more sophisticated cost calculations and more accurate projections in terms of contract winning, sales and profits.
Due to the recent exponential growth of enterprise data, the new-generation ERP has become a key element of competitiveness as it allows rapid data handling and analyzing based on advance technologies including AI, Cloud, etc.

In this regard, Samsung SDS’ abundant ERP project experiences and technological capabilities are drawing a lot of attention from companies that intend to deploy the next-generation ERP system in order to improve its management level and competitiveness.

This year, Samsung SDS set its management objective as ‘innovative growth through external business’ and is actively trying to build a stronger presence in the next-generation ERP market with its new ERP system based on new technologies, such as AI, Cloud, Big Data.

Since 1995, Samsung SDS has established and operated ERP systems for the entire Samsung affiliates. In 2010, in particular, the company integrated Samsung Electronics’ ERP systems into global ERP system. Since last year, Samsung SDS has been implementing a project for Samsung Electronics to build the next-generation ERP system based on S/4HANA.

Thanks to its ERP system expertise and accumulated technological capabilities, Samsung SDS owns top-class project implementation capabilities for the entire process related to ERP systems, ranging from pre-diagnosis to consulting, ERP system building, and IT operation & maintenance.

“Using our technological capabilities, which have been developing for more than 25 years, as well as 1,300 ERP experts, we will play a leading role in enhancing our customers’ competitiveness by providing them with the next-generation ERP system based on new technologies,” said Samsung SDS Senior Vice President and ERP Business Team Leader Young-joo Kim.