Samsung SDS and NHN to Strengthen Digital Transformation Business Cooperation

+ To develop plans for new digital technology cooperation based on both companies’ cloud infrastructures
+ To promote joint businesses combining Samsung SDS’s data analytics, blockchain and security technologies with NHN’s simple payment and cloud services

Samsung SDS and NHN will strengthen business cooperation to discover new business opportunities and support customers’ digital transformation.

On July 31, the two companies signed a business cooperation agreement (BCA) to expand scope of joint businesses in cloud services, data analytics, blockchain, and cyber security.

The agreement includes the use of both companies’ cloud technologies to apply Samsung SDS’s blockchain to NHN simple payment system, provide Samsung SDS’s data analytics service on NHN’s cloud, and collaborate on Samsung SDS’s security solution business.

Following a signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cloud business in May, Samsung SDS and NHN signed this agreement under detailed plans for new digital technology cooperation and joint projects.

The two companies will visualize the outcome of this agreement by operating a regular consultative body, and strengthen cooperation by continuously discovering new business opportunities.

Joon Ho Lee, Chairman of NHN, said, “Based on strategic cooperation with Samsung SDS, we will enhance business competitiveness and actively create new business opportunities.”

Dr. WP Hong, President and CEO of Samsung SDS, said, “The strengths of the two companies will be integrated based on this agreement, and it will be an opportunity to enhance the level of customers’ digital transformation.”