Samsung SDS Announces 2021 Executive Promotions

Samsung SDS Announces Executive Promotions for 2021

On December 4, Samsung SDS newly appointed 1 executive vice president (EVP), 5 senior vice presidents (SVP), and 12 vice presidents (VP).

Samsung SDS promoted numbers of talented people who led customers’ digital transformation based on expertise in information technology and domain knowledge of industry.

The company promoted technology specialists in AI, blockchain, cloud, and security, who have achieved outstanding performance in the external business within their industry.

Following last year, two women were newly promoted to VP.

Samsung SDS plans to strengthen its information technology leadership and digital transformation business competency by promoting, regardless the age, talented people who will lead the company’s future growth.

【2021 Executive Promotions】

Stanley Kang

Kiho Gum, Dongkwan Kim, Jongpil Kim, Daniel Donghoon Paik, Joseph Ahn

▲CL4 → VP
· Youngkwon Kim (Digital Finance Consulting Team, Finance IT Business Division)
· Ricky Kim (Electronics Logistics Operation Innovation Team, Electronics Logistics Business Division)
· Chongmin Kim (Intelligent Plant Group, Intelligent Factory Business Division)
· Hakkil Kim (External Delivery Group, Development Office)
· Jungmee Park (External BA Group, IT Innovation Business Division)
· Jaeyoung Yang (AI Service Development Team, Development Office)
· Hyojin Yoon (Security Algorithm Team, Technology Research)
· Jihwan Rhie (Blockchain Planning Team, Blockchain Center)
· Younghun Chung (Electronics SET Cloud Operation Team, Cloud Business Division)
· Sangwon Cho (Retail Innovation Business Group, Solution Business Division)
· Kyle Kyooman Choi (Support Team, IT Innovation Business Division)
· Sangwon Han (Cost Innovation Group, Cloud Business Division)