Samsung SDS’s Brity Works to Provide Both Seamless Collaboration and Intelligent Automation Services

Collaboration and Automation, Brity Works

+ To expand business with Brity Works, a cloud-based solution for enterprise collaboration and intelligent automation
- Seamless collaboration: Brity Mail, Messenger, Meeting
- AI-based automation: Brity RPA, Assistant
+ A proven solution used by Samsung employees around the world
+ Free-trials available in ‘My Trial’ page on

Samsung SDS is to expand business with Brity Works, a cloud-based solution for enterprise collaboration and intelligent automation.

Brity Works is a proven solution currently used by 500,000 Samsung employees around the world for internal and external collaboration and work automation, and is available to other companies on a cloud environment. Brity Works is composed of 5 core services: ‘Mail, Messenger, Meeting’ for seamless collaboration and ‘Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Assistant (AI Chabot)’ for work automation.

Brity Works is well equipped with standard Application Programming Interface (API) to enable seamless business based on high connectivity with core management systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through simple authentication with Single Sign On (SSO) that only requires one-time login.

Brity Works Structure Seamless Collaboration Messenger Mail Meeting Intelligent Automation RPA(robotic process automation), Assistant (chatbot)

Enterprise Collaboration: Mail, Messenger, Meeting

Brity Mail is a business portal that provides functions of daily work including mail, approval, schedule, and notice boards. It has been continuously upgrading various convenient tools while being used by worldwide Samsung employees.

Brity Messenger is a messenger specialized for enterprise that supports easy sharing of video, voice calls and screen sharing with one click during messaging, and enables quick work process as it is interfaced with various work systems.

Brity Meeting is a web conference solution to support remote meetings, online education and seminars. It enables work environment similar to offline with its functions such as screen sharing, annotation and surveys.

Brity Works also addresses security concerns well through its security management functions like user authority setting, data encryption, and data leakage prevention. The solution was successfully applied to global Samsung aptitude test (GSAT), a test for the new recruits that took place online in May this year.

Moreover, a mid-sized manufacturing company ‘A’ adopted Brity Works and has improved management efficiency through active communication and collaboration between employees with less concern about information leakage.

AI-based Work Automation: RPA, Assistant

Brity RPA applies AI technologies like Chatbot, artificial intelligence character recognition (AICR) and text analysis to enable automation of complex and sophisticated work that involves judgement, review and evaluation. Brity RPA that was positioned in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant report as the first Korean company in August, is widely used in various businesses including manufacturing, logistics, customer service, sales, procurement, finance and human resources as well as universities, research centers and public institutions.

Brity Assistant is an interactive AI virtual assistant that connects RPA and work systems through its specialized knowledge learning system and natural language understanding (NLU) technology. It helps the user to perform complex tasks more quickly and easily.

Brity RPA, Assistant, Messenger, Mail, and Meeting are all available on ‘My Trial’ page on for free trials from September 22.

Sean Im, Executive Vice President and leader of Solution Business Division of Samsung SDS, said, “We will support the future of work with Brity Works which will innovate methods of work and realize smart workplace.”