Nexledger Paperless

Blockchain-based timestamping and
proof of authenticity service

Safely manage important documents such as purchase agreements, salary contracts, etc. using blockchain technology.

You can ensure the authenticity and integrity of important documents or data easily and securely using blockchain technology. By storing and verifying accurate timestamped information and transaction details on the blockchain, you can eliminate concerns of tampering. With Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) subscription, you can quickly and easily adopt it without the need for infrastructure setup.

Major Services

It provides the integrity and authenticity of information by storing timestamped verification and processing data on the blockchain.

- Customer A ↔ (Contract/Signing) ↔ Client Systems ↔ Request/ Response, Restful APIs ↔ Paperless' API Gateway
- Customer B ↔ Inquiry and Original Verification ↔ Client Systems ↔ Request/ Response, Restful APIs ↔ Paperless' API Gateway
Client Systems

  • Contract System
  • Pledge System
  • e-voting
  • Electronic signature
  • ...
  • API Gateway
    1. 1. Authentication Management
    2. 2. Document Information Management
    3. 3. History Management
    4. 4. Authority Management
  • On-Chain: (Document Hash/Key Information Management)
  • Off-Chain: (Save/Search/Download/Authentication/Disposal)
1. Authentication Management : Storage and Verification of User Electronic Signature Keys (Public Keys)
2. Document Information Management : Incorporating timestamp generation and providing stored information to ensure the integrity of documents
3. History Management :User/Document Usage History Management
4. Authority Management : Off-Chain Usage Authorization Management


    Enabling flexible service expansion without the need for direct management or operation Seamless integration with Standard Service APIs
    Customer information protection, channel separation configuration, independent network configuration. Data Encryption
    Time and resource savings
    through cloud-based service delivery
    Quick Business Launch

Use Cases

Employement Contract
1. Click the 'Sign Contract' button to proceed with the electronic signature.

2. To verify personal information, enter your 'Full Name'.

3. New Blockchain Registration Guide Popup and click 'Confirm'.

4. Enter the password to be used for blockchain authentication.

5. Register Blockchain Authentication Password.

6. Click the 'Confirm' button to complete the electronic signature.

Board Meeting System Electronic Signature
1. Board meeting status display

2. Minutes Inquiry (Electronic signature is available after minutes inquiry is completed)

3. Sign electronically

4. Set up blockchain authentication password
- Enter at least 8 characters with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters

5. New Blockchain Authentication Issuance

6. Confirmation of Settings Completed

7. Enter Blockchain Authentication Password
- Proceed with electronic signature by entering the registered password

8. When 'Confirm' is clicked, the entered information will be verified by the blockchain

9. Check the status of electronic signature progress

AIA Life Insurance
Implementation Cases of Nexledger Paperless Service
In order to prevent incomplete sales of insurance products under the enforcement of the Financial Consumer Protection Act, recruiters are required to fulfill their obligation of providing explanations and documentation to consumers, and electronic signatures of recruiters are applied as a means of verification.

Therefore, AIA Life has introduced a paperless service, replacing electronic signatures with authentication passwords without the need for separate program installations or additional implementations. Additionally, they have implemented features such as document creation timestamp verification alerts and the verification of the original electronic document using a unique cryptographic hash value.

Service list

Meet the desired blockchain function through BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) subscription

  • emblem intelligent
    Paperless Service

    Blockchain-based original storage, authenticity verification subscription service

    What's a Paperless Service?
    Samsung SDS Paperless Service is a blockchain-powered, simple and safe e-document management system. Embracing blockchain technology, our service secures and manages various usiness documents with the other info. such as time and date when it was signed/modified and the authentication/processing info..
    Guarantee document integrity by providing timestamp and storage info.
    Secure document from tampering by storing the original document in blockchain
    Monitor storage and usage status in real-time
    Simple integration with existing legacy system via APIs

    Pricing plans
    Paperless services are available on a per-usage pricing, or monthly membership pricing.
    Pricing Plan Per-Usage (Write Transaction) Pricing Monthly Membership Pricing
    Description This pricing is a pay-as-you-go option. The total monthly transaction will be counted and charged for. If you are expecting low volume of transaction on a monthly basis, this pricing would be suitable This pricing is a monthly fee option. The membership fee covers up to 10,000 transactions per month, and if the total transaction exceeds 10,000, additional fee will be incurred.
    Fee Calculation # of Transaction * Rates

    Monthly Fee

    * (+ # of Transaction exceeding 10,000 TX * Rates)

    If the original documents are stored, data storage fee will be separately charged (MB/Year)
    ex) #TX*rate + data storage fee or Membership fee + data storage fee

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