Redefining secure mission critical communications

Creating a new dimension in the mission critical government marketplace. An unbeatable secure ecosystem empowers users in the field, decision makers, and administrators with unique communication capabilities at the highest grade of security.


What can Command do for you and your business?

  • Maximizes endpoint security

    Uses, multiple algorithms, different VPNs, proprietary authentications techniques, key zeroization and creates an unbreakable ecosystem.

  • Ad hoc collaborative operations

    Using the Direct Group Number Assignment functionality and the Server to Server interconnection, different teams from different Ministries of Organizations can join an Incident according to the Concept of Operations(ConOps).

  • Redefines government communications

    Group voice, chat and broadband data communications, incident and emergency management, alarming and lone worker, form an isolated or networked interconnected government world.

  • Facilitates decision support

    Transmits real time surveillance and imagery data from the field to the theater of operations, creating a global command and control center, with all friends or foes accurately geolocated for optimal decision making.

  • Map in Map functionality for Global Ops

    The system support more than 5 mapping platforms at the same time, whilst adding the Map-in-Map functionality allows to zoom in and seperate field operations scenes for better management.

  • On premises hardened installation

    A completely sealed unified system comprised of servers, firewalls, command centers and mobile devices is properly hardened and configured in order to ensure the government grade highest end-to-end security of the marketplace.

"Hellenic Red Cross will service more efficiently and contribute to emergency situations by adopting Samsung SDS technology."

- Dr.Andreas Mamantopoulos, President of Hellenic Red Cross

"Coordinating all agents in global was the strong driver to adopt enhanced command and control center."

- Director, Defense Intelligence Agency


Take a closer Look

  • Intersuite interoperability added value

    A mediator solution that is the key for integration and interconnection with all known analogue and digital interfaces and networks.

  • Full duplex E2E voice call

    Allow full duplex E2E voice calls between users by using high encryption algorithms and methodologies.

  • Application encrypted storage workspace and storage area

    Application uses its own encrypted workspace independently of any other technologies.

  • IoT and PS LTE Ready

    Integrate to IoT external devices providing ultimate control and monitoring within the Command secure environment. All network compatibility (2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, WIFI, LAN, Satellite IP)

  • Dynamic Group Network Assignment from the map

    Allocate dynamic group membership using map selection tools or geo-oriented criteria.

  • Secure document and document rights management

    Manage and store securely documents with controlled user access permissions directly applied to content.

  • Multiple GIS Support

    Concurrent support of multiple GIS systems view mode and implementations.

  • Agent to Agent permission

    Control permission on actions (call, messaging, location, remote etc) from Agent to Agent.


  • Supported OS
    - Android: Lollipop or later
    - iOS: 8 or Later
    - Windows 10
    - KNOX
  • Integration-Extensibility
    - Communications, Encryption SDK
    - Server, Client SDK
    - Maps SDK
    - Integration SDK
    - Integration to LMR/PMR, 3rd Party Sources
  • Encryption-Security
    - PKI Support
    - TLS v1.0, v1.1
    - RSA
    - ECDSA
    - AES
  • User Interface
    - Multi-functional Interfaces
    - Multi-Screen Operations
    - Modern, high-usable User Interface
    - Intuitive dynamic User Environment
    - Quick Access Functionalities
  • Task Management
    - Emergency Management
    - Multi-Step Tasks
    - Multi-Outcome Definitions
    - Decision Support
  • History
    - Group Communications History
    - Individual Communications History
    - Voice Replay
    - History Permissions
  • Chat
    - Group Text Messages
    - Individual Chat
    - Attachments/Live Photo-Video
  • Voice
    - Group Calls
    - Individual Calls
    - Dynamic Group Calls
    - Emergency Calls
    - Priority Call


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