Global Code of Conduct

Our devotion to create top-tier products and services

Business Principles

We make solid contributions to build a better global society.

We have defined a set of values that we pledged to uphold during the course of all our business transactions. These values include: People, Excellence, Change, Integrity, and Co-prosperity. We have also established a set of ethical standards that we practice and uphold throughout our company. All our people take the pledge to follow them. To that end, we have defined a set of values that we pledged to uphold during the course of all our business transactions.

1. We comply with all laws and ethical standards.
  • 1-1We respect the dignity and diversity of all individuals.

    We respect all people’s basic human rights. We do not, under any circumstances, permit forced labor, wage theft, or child labor. We do not discriminate against our stakeholders, including customers and employees, based on nationality, race, gender, or religion.

  • 1-2We engage in fair competition in accordance with laws and solid business ethics

    We comply with all the relevant laws of the countries and local communities in which we operate. We respect market competition and compete in a fair and legitimate way. We do not seek unlawful profit in ways that violate business ethics. We do not engage in gift giving, bribery, or hospitality.

  • 1-3Our accounting and transaction records are kept transparent and accurate at all times.

    To provide all stakeholders with an objective understanding of our business operations, we always keep accurate transaction records. We comply with all the laws and internationally recognized standards related to accounting across all countries. When required by law, we faithfully disclose important details of our businesses and corporate information, including financial changes.

  • 1-4We do not get involved in politics.

    While we respect individual political rights and opinions, we prohibit corporate involvement in any political activities. We do not use corporate funds, human resources, or facilities for political purposes. We do not give money to illegal charities, including donations.

2. We maintain a clean organizational culture.
  • 2-1We make a strict distinction between public and private affairs in our duties.

    If a conflict of interest arises between the company and individuals, the company’s legitimate interests shall prevail. No individual shall promote their own interest using the company’s property or their own status, or engage in any illegal act such as embezzlement. No individual shall engage in securities transactions, such as the sale of stocks by using the information obtained in the ordinary course of doing business.

  • 2-2We protect and respect the intellectual property rights of the company and individuals within the company.

    We do not disclose any of our internal property or confidential information without prior consent or approval. We do not engage in any activity that could infringe the intellectual property rights of others, such as unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution or change.

  • 2-3We create a healthy organizational atmosphere.

    No employee shall engage in any activity that undermines the health of peer relationships, such as sexual harassment, monetary exchange, or violations. No employee shall form factions or private organizations that may cause disharmony within the organization. We build labor-management relations of harmony and coexistence based on trust and open communication.

3. We respect customers, shareholders, and employees.
  • 3-1We consider customer satisfaction the foremost priority.

    We provide solutions and services that meet our customers’ needs and further grow their expectations. We treat our customers with honesty and kindness. We also humbly accept customer suggestions and complaints. We respect and protect customer dignity and information.

  • 3-2We pursue management focused on shareholder value.

    We offer long-term values to shareholders through reasonable investments and increased business efficiency. Through sound business operations, we generate steady revenues and increase the company’s market value. We respect shareholder rights, legitimate demands, and opinions.

  • 3-3We strive to improve our employees’ quality of life.

    We offer all employees equal opportunities, and treat them based on their abilities and performance. We recommand that our employees continuously pursue personal development, and actively help them improve the skills necessary to perform their duties. We create an autonomous and creative working environment.

4. We care for health, safety, and the environment.
  • 4-1We pursue environment friendly management.

    We comply with international standards, relevant laws and internal regulations related to environmental preservation. We make strenuous efforts to preserve the environment in all our business operations, from development to production, and to distribution. We take the initiative in the efficient use of resources, such as recycling.

  • 4-2We value the health and safety of all human beings.

    We comply with international standards, relevant laws and internal regulations related to safety. We prevent safety accidents by complying with safety rules and create a clean working environment. We are dedicated to prevent the creation of products or services that may be harmful to people’s health and safety.

5. We are a socially responsible corporate citizen.