End-to-end agile services from consulting to product development

Accelerate your digital transformation by fully embracing agile practices, processes and ultimately an agile mindset. Leverage our enterprise & technology consulting, training, and collaborative development to lay the foundation for success.

Why Agile Transformation?

In today’s customer-driven digital era, industries are constantly changing and the pace of innovation is faster than ever. Samsung SDS Agile Transformation strengthens your competitiveness and uncovers new opportunities for growth by spreading agile across your organization and processes.

Enjoy unparalleled Agile Transformation services

Take advantage of our extensive Agile Transformation experience and industry-leading technology. Leverage our consulting services and optimized environment for agile adoption across your organization, leadership, growth mindset, culture, processes and practices.

  • 문화 및 조직 체계 개선

    Reimagine your culture and organizational structure

    Become more agile and create better products by adopting a growth mindset and continuously thinking outside the box.

  • 사용자 중심의 제품 개발

    Ensure customer-centric product development

    Make sure you’re delivering the right product at the right time. Learn how to think from the customer’s perspective instead of blindly following orders or baseless assumptions.

  • Seamless한 개발/운영 환경

    Secure seamless development and operation

    Ensure stable operation even with frequent changes via incremental development as well as continuous integration testing, distribution and monitoring.

What's next for Samsung SDS, the digital transformation leader?

Find out what agile trailblazers Hubert Shin, Group Leader of Samsung SDS, and Ahmed Sidky, Dr. Agile of Riot Games, have to say about our agile culture and next steps.

Major Services

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  • Innovation Consulting

    Innovation Consulting

    Organizational Transformation

    Jump-start your organizational transformation with systematic agile consulting and coaching. Samsung SDS diagnoses your organization, culture, processes and practices before presenting a solution by drawing from our years of experience.

  • Technical Solution

    Training & Certification

    Systematically learn agile and new technologies through our ICAgile-accredited training courses customized to each field. Facilitate agile adoption by cultivating an agile mindset and culture in your organization.

  • Experience Design

    Experience Design

    Make sure you’re accurately identifying the problem and creating the best possible solution by learning how to understand user needs during product development. Drive success by developing core products based on Samsung SDS’s systematic processes that combine design thinking with agile to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

  • Lean Product Development

    Lean Product Development

    Gain on-site knowledge and experience through 1:1 agile-driven collaborations with Samsung SDS PMs, developers and designers. Create truly valuable products by utilizing the latest technologies and practices.

  • Tooling and DevOps

    Tooling and DevOps

    Enjoy a flexible development and operation environment that can promptly respond to a rapidly changing business environment. Begin a new chapter of change by developing the best possible products in an optimized environment via high-quality product development, stabilized operation and effective communication.


Our customers

  • Consulting:Samsung Electronics as well as numerous Korean manufacturing, finance, service and leisure companies.
  • Collaborative Product Development:Samsung Electronics Gear Maze, Samsung Cello Square and Samsung Nexshop
  • Agile Training:Samsung Electronics, Samsung Life as well as numerous Korean manufacturing and finance companies.

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