Simplify SCM with our integrated logistics services

Managing increasingly complex supply chains, planning and executing networks of logistics, and integrating big data analytics is just part of the daily routine for companies operating on the global stage. We help conserve time and resources by utilizing our expertise to offer customized and comprehensive logistics services. From consultation to execution across a variety of industries, our consultants have the global insights to leverage our sophisticated IT infrastructure and deliver maximized results.


Reduce logistics and SCM costs

Move your cargo with the most optimal mode of transportation on our CelloSCLIS logistics system. Gain access to the most competitive rates, and innovative features such as logistics operational analysis, route and network optimization, and auto billing and auditing. Our logistics specialists also provide advisory support for every step of the way, from planning to execution and delivery.


Increase efficiency

Boost productivity and efficiency with standardized processes for global operations. With CelloSCLIS, we can meet your needs with standardized operating procedures and customized end-to-end logistics processes. We also keep global operations efficient with Freight with Risk Monitoring and Express services on our CelloSCLIS Square platform, dedicated for corporate accounts and e-Commerce sellers.


Gain visibility

Monitor shipments and be ready to respond quickly to unexpected events. Our Global Control Center operates around the clock, tracking all your logistics routes in real-time. Know exactly when anomalies are detected with immediate alerts, and get updates with route alternatives.

Discover Cello's Risk Management to ensure logistics visibility

Manage risks in your global logistics operation in a comprehensive and systematic way based on analytics.
The stable logistics operation entitles your business continuity and competitiveness.

Know in advance how many pallets, containers and trucks are needed

Cello Loading Optimizer improves the accuracy of your forecasting to maximize the efficiency of the entire warehouse operation.


AEO Certificate

(Korea, Germany)

  • 한국 AEO 마크
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Major Services

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  • Global Logistics Business Outsourcing Service (Cello<sub>SCLIS</sub> BPO)

    Global Logistics Business Outsourcing Service (CelloSCLIS BPO)

    Provides extensive logistics solutions through our worldwide network. (Services in 38+ countries, 61+ branches and 227+ sites)

  • Open Logistics Platform (Cello<sub>SCLIS</sub> Square)

    Open Logistics Platform (CelloSCLIS Square)

    Search carrier schedules on one platform and reduce potential risks by monitoring in advance with Samsung's cutting edge technology.

  • SCM and Logistics Consulting Service

    SCM and Logistics Consulting Service

    Optimize your logistics process, from planning to execution, with the combination of our professional consulting and the CelloSCLIS solution.


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