Access best-in-class cloud services at a low cost

Customize cloud services according to your business requirements. Reduce risks by effectively leveraging cloud services from adoption through operation.

  • 10%+TCO savings
  • 7+Global partnerships
  • 46,000+VM Operation


What can CMS do for you and your business?

  • Optimize costs

    Leverage cutting edge technologies such as big data analysis for rightsizing, scheduling, GPU virtualization and RI Purchasing. Reduce TCO by managing RI purchasing without a commitment terms.

  • Adopt multi-cloud

    Choose the cloud that best fits your requirements and reduce vendor lock-in with our multi-cloud platform and proven cloud operational capabilities.

  • Leverage proven capabilities

    Monitor and operate your cloud stably under strong security. Our Global One View (GOV) has provided 7x24 monitoring, operations and security service for more than 46,000 VMs since 2013.

Simplify multi-cloud management with an integrated platform

Global One View (GOV) dashboard gives you a comprehensive view on your resources. Optimize costs and manage easily security issues across clouds. Then, you can focus on your business rather than managing complex infrastructures


Our Technical Capability

AWS managed service provider since 2013 and Azure managed service provider since 2015. Gained AWS MSP and MS Gold partner certificates through technical and operational capabilities and entitled as AWS Security Competency partner in 2018.

  • AWS APN certification
  • amazon web services Partner Network
  • AWS Security Certificate
  • Microsoft Gold Partner

Our Partnerships

Check our strategic partnership with major public cloud service providers and technology vendors. We provide cutting edge cloud managed services.

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    Public cloud managed service from cloud adoption to operation



    GOV, Integrated platform for complex multi-cloud



    Reduce your cloud cost by choosing GPU Optimization Service


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Analyze the patterns of resources usage and schedule VM's stop and start automatically. You can even optimize server sizes.
Recommend the best RI based on big data analysis
Predict 20 minutes in advance through prediction algorithm.